10 Bad Habits That Drain Your Energy and How to Quit Them

Do you feel exhausted and tired? Do you wonder why it happens so? Our thoughts and habits design our everyday routine.  The way we perceive things around us depends on our habit. We may even think habits, to be something minute in our life. But our habits rule us invisibly. It has the ability to make you conquer the world too but on the other hand, if you are not serious about certain habits they can drain your energy and make you pessimistic. It’s not a big deal to eradicate some habits you only need your willpower to change it. Here we mention 10 things that will steal your energy and also the solution to each of the problems proposed by Dalai Lama.

Keep up your promises:


Always make reliable promises. It would be really nice to make a promise but if you can’t keep up the promise, you yourself would destroy your good name.

Be away from negative people:

The world is surrounded by both positive and negative people. Negative people can’t change their complaining nature. So be with positive people and restore your energy.

Have a check on your bills:

“Don’t owe anyone anything”. Pay your bills on time this habit is really essential to be energetic. When you have no pending works in your mind, it can work more peacefully.

Forget and forgive:


No one is perfect in this world. Everyone makes mistakes. Learn to forgive people whether they deserve it or not. It’s your quality of being genuine. Throw off the issue from your mind and you will feel more peaceful.

Let the passion drive you towards success:


Focus on the work that interests you. When we do think something that we don’t like, we can’t concentrate completely and we won’t be able to give our 100 percent.

Work while you work to play while you play:

Enjoy your life at its core. You can’t be energetic if work is all you do. Have some leisure time, spend some time on the things you love. It may even sound crazy but such silly tasks will make you more energetic and enthusiastic.   

Rejuvenate yourself:


Passing clouds will pass on. Whatever happens, you be strong, travel along with the flow of your life. Don’t get stuck up with the obstacles. They will move on. Start renewing yourself. Just look around you. If you feel either your bedroom or your closet to be unsatisfactory rearrange it. Energy comes from the surrounding. Make up your environment pleasing and attractive. Happy surrounding will make you feel more contented.

Fight your battle with courage:


Don’t run away from your problem or mourn the difficulties. Face the adversity. If there is something in your life that bothers you, just throw it out of your life with willpower.  No solution will fall off from the sky.  You are the only person capable of solving your problems.

Healthy and happy


Take care of your health. Take nutritious food and do exercises. Even a brilliant mind can’t work properly without good health.Your healthy mind will take care of your happiness.

Navigate your life:


You are a part of everything and everything is a part of you. Change your attitude. Stop fighting; you have to accept certain things in your life that don’t change. Be aware that you are the captain of your ship. Navigate your path and don’t let the path to deciding where you have to go.

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10 Bad Habits That Drain Your Energy and How to Quit Them

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