10 Brilliant Ways To Search Information In Google That 97% Of People Don’t Know

We are living in a technological era where the globe has minimized into the size of our mobile phone. We can easily access to things on the other side of the world. In our fingertips, Google provides us millions of results for a single information in seconds.  The real problem arises when we need just a single appropriate answer and not thousand irrelevant related answers. Here we Power Humans have brought you 10 different ways of searching on Google for different purposes.

This or That

When it comes to factual information we may have little confusion in remembering the exact details. In such cases, you can either add “or” or the symbol “I” to differentiate between the confused details and find the right answer.

Search Using The Synonyms

This the best way to research online in case you have to find the other possible related information about the same subject is to use this symbol ~. In such a case you want to find an inspiration book and you can just use this method to crack the nut. You can simply type books life you will get all the inspiring books related to life.

To Search Within The Same Website

Sometimes we would come across some remarkable article that would touch our heart and miss the article and find hard to get it back. The best way to find the article is to type the website name and the keyword related to the title of the article.


Using the asterisk mark is the best way to find out the exact denomination details. You need not waste time reading the history of something when you need only the denomination.

When Lots Of Words Are Missing

Most of us forget some important phrases or proverbs or poetic lines. The best way to find it out is to write the key world you remember and add the approximate number of WORDS the phrase may follow with by adding AROUND. Example “I wandered AROUND (4) cloud”.

To Find The Event That Happened Between The Particular Years

To find the exact year of a certain time period you can add the time frame in the search query followed by three dots. To understand the concept better look at the example below.

To Find Out A Title Or An URL

To find out a title after typing the keyword add “intitle :”without any space between the keyword. Similarly, you can use “inurl :” followed by the keyword without any space.

Similar Websites

Suppose you are a shopping queen and want to find the other websites related to shopping and add “related:” without any space followed by the keyword without any space.

To Find Out The Song Verses

You can type the lines of your favourite song within quotations and get the lyrics for the song directly without any deviations as the search engine will give you the results in which the keyword is arranged in the same order,

Unimportant Keywords

To remove the unwanted results you can add a minus sign before your keyword.

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10 Brilliant Ways To Search Information In Google That 97% Of People Don’t Know

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