10 Reasons For Why Men Can’t Handle Strong Women

Who is a strong woman?


A strong woman is one who has endured pain to a great level and has learned the art of sacrificing and selflessness. The struggles she had faced in life have made her more self-sufficient. She is loving, independent and has no fear in showing her vulnerability.  She understands life in her own simple way.  The strong women are the teacher in one minute and the other minute she turns into student learning new things as she believes that learning is a never ending process.

She doesn’t expect him to fight for her

Man is a protector. When a problem arises naturally man tries his best to protect the woman and safeguard her.  According to strong woman’s diction, she will not bother her man unnecessarily; she solves the issues herself without waiting for someone to safeguard her. Due to her unconditional love, she fights for both of them. This is what is not acceptable by some men. The chaos happens when he can’t understand the fact that the strong woman is independent and doesn’t need him to fight for her. This act doesn’t mean the lack of faith or love in him.

She is clear about her life


A Strong woman has many dreams; she works hard to make them come true. She has the quality of endurance and accepts the practical difficulties. When the strong woman is touched by the love she doesn’t wait for the man to make the first move and shows her love. This trait is unbearable by men.


She expects honesty in him


Life has given an endless number of struggles in her life and had made her strong. It is natural for men to open up difficult questions. He can’t share his intimate thoughts of failure or pain very easily. The strong woman accepts past and has the ability to dive deep in her deep hurts, traumas, and life-changing the experience. At this point of time, some men feel weak in opening up about his weakness.  

This becomes an issue and he thinks her to be little more dominant over him. .At this situation she expects the strong man to hold the hands of a strong woman and face the harsh realities of life together.  She expects honesty in him and accepts the man with all his flaws and virtues this is what is not accepted by some men.

Intimacy doesn’t intimidate a strong woman


She is more challenging in love. She naturally needs all forms of intimacy from conversation to the act of making love. Being comfortable of her femininity she expects the same kind of desire and passion in a man too.

An honest confession of false is praised more than a white lie


A strong woman can never accept a lie for an explanation. She expects complete trust when it comes to a relationship. Selfishness and falseness can never be accepted by her.

A strong woman needs integrity and consistency


As a woman, she too expects to be loved unconditionally. She can also accept irregularity or indecisive or characters. At the same time, she assures that their love has integrity, respect, and she wants the man to can keep up promises.  If she is made to feel weak and find the man pulling away from her; she also has the ability to move on.

She lives in the world of no secrets


The tough scenarios have made her a strong person. With her endurance, she has learned a lot in her life and can tackle any kind of difficulties. This often it can’t be easily understood by men. She has no secrets, by accepting her past and regrets she is close to the man as an open book. At the same time, she expects the same from the man too.

A strong woman can’t accept impassioned love


When she is in love, she has complete trust in her man and fights along with him in the battles with great strength. When she finds the man is pulling away from her or looking for someone else. The next minute she can take the decision of letting him go rather than reacting girly.

Unconditional love

Sometimes the depth of love is something that intimidates the men and creates a break within them.  When she is loved, she starts nurturing her man fiercely. She takes immense joy in supporting him, fights for him and spending time with him.

Mirrors the real you


 A Strong woman will find a strong man to be their companion of life. it’s hard to accept our own faults. The strong woman believes a lot in her man’s strength and power. She will make him realize the amazing value of him and his confidence.

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    1. Through this article man must understand that strong woman has faced a lot of pain and challenges and now it is role of main to care her love.

10 Reasons For Why Men Can’t Handle Strong Women

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