10 Signals Through Which Your Body Asks To Rest

Our body is an extraordinary machine. It is built with the complex nervous system, organs and other parts which are working miraculously to make our day.  Despite being efficient, it too needs its rest for better performance.  Just like every machine, it too sends us some signal stating the health condition in case of any defect. We must acknowledge those signals for healthy well-being.  Here we Power Humans are bringing you 10 signals through which you communicate with you, and ask you to rest.

Dark circles around your eyes



Dark circles represent your lack of sleep. Adequate sleep is extremely important for your physical and psychological well-being. Doctors suggest that our body needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep in the night for the proper functioning.  These symptoms can also reflect something totally different such as anemia.  It happens when our body can’t produce enough red blood cells.


Changing colors of the finger


You have pay attention to your health if you ever find your fingers changing colors often. Our body always throws a sign whenever there is a malfunction. This signal represents Reynaud’s Syndrome – it states the condition of your body in which the low temperature causes spasms in blood vessels. It’s time to visit your doctor.


Blurred vision


Blurred vision is the signal that your body tells when you are extremely tired. At this point in time, your vision automatically blurs. You would find difficulty in recognizing people, road signs or boards.  These are the symptoms of astigmatism or short-sightedness. In this case, you have to visit an optician.


Blobs in front of your eyes


Sudden reflection of light may cause blobs which are in various shapes such as dots or stripes.  They may appear all of a sudden due to the bright light. If you find this continuing for more than one week; it’s time to pay attention to your eyes.  Consult an optician as it’s an early signal of cataracts or other serious vision problem.

Rumbling sounds of your stomach


The rumbling sound in the stomach represents the function of the intestine. There is nothing to worry if you hear this sound rarely. But you can’t ignore this signal is you can hear it in regularly or her with pain. Then, it’s time to consult the doctor immediately.


Peeling skin


Peeling skin reflects the lack of vitamins.  You can easily turn your skin back to the normal condition by having a balanced diet. If you find the skin peeling with itchiness; it’s time to visit a doctor without any further delay. This is a symptom of a fungal infection.


Sudden partial loss of smell


The reduction in feeling the keen smelling sense is one of the old age symptoms of a nervous disorder. If you are young and still find yourself partially losing the smell sense. Then, it’s time to consult a doctor and it mustn’t be ignored at any cost. It may be the indication of either a kind of viral infection or strong cold.


Eyelids twitching


Twitching eyelids are the signals which indicate the tiredness due to overworking. You can relax your eyes by washing your eyes with cold water soaked cotton pads. This will regain your freshness. You must seek a neuropathologist is twitching continues. This indicates the serious problem that may have arisen in the nervous system.


Sound ringing in the ears



Tinnitus is the feeling of sound constantly ringing in the ears. Most of the people tend to ignore this symptom regarding it as something that’s not threatening. Still, it is a big issue, if you can hear the sound ringing constantly. This is a kind of illness. However, this is caused due to the noise pollution in the environment. If your work environment is so noisy, you may experience this kind of problem.


Shoulder joint dislocation


The shoulder dislocation is a condition that arises when the ball of the shoulder bone comes away from the joint socket. As a result, the joint appears to be loose or it can be moved in different directions abnormally.  This can be due to the defect since from birth or any sports injury. However, it must be taken immense care and it certainly needs proper doctor consultation.

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10 Signals Through Which Your Body Asks To Rest

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