10 Simple Ways To Boost Up The Volume Of The Thin Hair

If you naturally have a thin silky hair, there is no need of rumbling over it anymore. You can just follow some simple steps and let it flow along the shoulders with such elegance. Let your hair turn into a new makeover for you.  Here we Power Humans have brought you 10 simple ways to boost up the volume of your thin hair.

Short Hair Boosts Up The Volume



Just compare a thin long hair with a short hair with nice volume. Your hair will look like one with high density and this is what most of the professionals would agree with. Hair of optimal length is easier to arrange and it would give you a more stylish look as your thin hair is no more a defect.

Multi-Layered Hairstyle



A multi-layered hairstyle is one thing that suits every face type and hair. With this, you can give an impression of a greater volume hair with the aid of uneven or messy fringe.

Colour Your Hair


Just color your hair according to your style. this time you can be smart enough to use color replacing your scissors. Add different shades of color by the status method.

Wash Your Hair In The Right Way


Something simple such as washing the hair in the right way can increase the volume in a greater way.

  • Rinse your hair with hot water which will remove dirt, open the cuticle that would loosen the oil in the scalp so that the hair gets rid of all unnecessary dirt and oil.
  • Make sure that you apply shampoo only to the roots of your hair. As the ends are very brittle don’t rub them.
  • Apply the conditioner only on the length of the hair and not the roots. Or else the moisturizers would form a kind of heaviness and flatten your hair at the scalp.
  • Regular washing of the scalp will improve blood circulation.
  • Don’t wash your hair every day, it will take off the protective layer of hair and turn your hair more fragile.

Lift Up Your Roots


There are so much of things you can do to live up your root. Right from the curlers, special foam and hair tongs you can use anything. No problem you don’t have it handy. You can simply use your hairpins. Place it in the roots when it is wet and remove it when the roots have become dry. This will naturally make your hair look more volume boosted.

No Much Styling Foam


Adding more foam will make your hair look heavier and you may not end up with the desired result. For short hair, the foam of walnut size is enough. For a medium length hair, the foam of hen’s egg is enough and one with long hair can use foam of tennis ball size.

Principle Of Creative Chaos


A well-combed hair will make your hair smoothened and flat look. Just make your creative by styling it with light waves and wearing a loose ponytail.

Dry Shampoo


Dry shampoo is the best remedy for one who says “ I don’t have enough time”. You can simply use a dry shampoo that can cleanse your hair as well as boost up the volumes from the roots. The same effect can be gained by using a baby powder.

Dry Your Hair At The Below


You can just boost up the volume by using a hair drier and dying your hair by lowering your head down. It allows you to straighten up the hair from the roots.

Adjust The Parting Of Your Hair


There are different types of parting such as a zig-zag one or low side parting or the hairstyle even without any parting. This will make your hair look more beautiful.

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10 Simple Ways To Boost Up The Volume Of The Thin Hair

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