10 Facts About Brain Work Which Prove We’re Capable of Anything

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10 wow facts of the brain that you don’t know:

  1. Multi-tasking is actually impossible! Our mind is actually switching over from one action to another and it can never handle two actions simultaneously. It is just working back and forth continuously.


  1. After 3 days you will remember only 10% of what you heard but you can remember 65% of what you see. It is because of the photographic memory technique of mind.


  1. A person who makes mistakes is liked more than the perfectionists. Messing up draws people closer to you and perfection automatically creates a distance.

  1. A brain surgery can be performed even when a patient is awake as our brain doesn’t recognize any pain or discomfort. It doesn’t experience any pain as it has no pain receptors.


  1. The smell of chocolates can trigger relaxation as it increases theta brain waves.

  1. Laughing at a joke isn’t an easy task. Five different areas of our brain work simultaneously to make us laugh.

  2. Joy, sadness, fear, anxiety, shyness emotions are already stored in our brain during our birth. The kind of parenting a child receives shapes these emotions.

  1. The brain reacts the same to both the fantasy thoughts and reality. According to the brain, our emotion is a signal to it and it reacts to that signals without any analysis.


  1. If we remove half of our brain there would be no change in personality or memory.


10. Our brain actually does better creative work when we are tired! You can find answers rushing up in your mind at the last half an hour of the exam.

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