11 Things That Happens to Your Body When You Drink Lemon Water

Sometimes the most common things that are left uncared have a lot of value. Here we are going list out the amazing results that would happen when you drink lemon juice with warm honey. These facts are enough to build a new healthy habit of drinking lemon juice.

  1.    Best friend of your digestive system


A healthy digestive system is extremely important for a healthy body. Lemon has pectin fibre which is necessary for the digestive process. Drinking lemon juice in the morning would kick start your digestive system and eliminate the accumulated waste of the previous day.

  1.  Rehydrates your body:


Before the fashion of these energy drinks, rehydration salts and glucose electrolytes; lemon juice was the natural medicine for dehydration treatments. When we exercise; we lose our electrolytes (minerals, potassium, sodium and chloride). Drinking lemon juice will recharge our body again within no time and make you feel fresh and energetic again

  1. For beautiful eyes forever:


From our childhood, we are persuaded to eat carrots because they are essential for good eyesight. Here for children, we give an easy tasty solution for good eyesight. Lemon is fully packed with vitamin c and antioxidants. They form a protective shield against cataracts and macular degeneration.

  1.   Makes you look young:

As lemons consist of powerful antioxidants.; it plays an important role to make us look young, decreasing the blemishes and wrinkles. It makes our skin look smoother and healthier.

  1.   For happy liver:

To take care of your liver you need not do anything great! Just a cup of lemon juice is enough. Lemon will flush out all the toxins from your body and enhance the enzyme function. The citric acid in the lemon will dispel all the harmful bacteria.

  1.   For healthy heart:

All of us are aware that bananas have abundant potassium. Are you aware of the potassium content in lemon? Lemon consists of potassium too. This will take care of your heart, brain, kidney and muscular function.

  1.   Say Hi to Lemon and Bye to Doctors:

Doesn’t cold annoy you? Don’t you get irritated when you have to take so many pills for something common like the cold? Then here is your remedy. Drink lemon juice every day, it’s that simple! This would improve your immune system and defend against the viral infections as lemon consists of vitamin C.

  1.   No more inflammation:

Lemon decreases the acidic level in our body and removes harmful uric acid that causes inflammation.

  1.   Maintains perfect PH level:

As lemon is acidic by nature it does an alkalizing effect. It maintains the acidic level of our body and resists diseases like high cholesterol and diabetes.

  1.   Weight loss in an easy way:

Yes! Lemon also helps you to lose weight. Proper diet and lemon juice will help you to reduce weight in a healthy way.

  1.   Morning cup of lemon juice:


This small step would make you more fresh, energetic and perfectly healthy. Replace your daily cup of coffee or tea with lemon juice. After reading all the amazing details about this lemon juice it would be 100 percent convincing for you to start the day with a cup of lemon juice.

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11 Things That Happens to Your Body When You Drink Lemon Water

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