15 Characters That Make You Irresistible

Sometimes in our life, we come across people who are very simple yet they create a long-lasting impression on us! There would be something in them. You may call it any way charisma, attitude or kindness. It naturally drives us towards them as they can easily create an impact on us within few seconds.

Dr. Travis Bradley, author of the book emotional intelligence have quoted up 15 character traits that can make one irresistible and charismatic. We Power Humans have brought you 15 character traits that will make you irresistible.

15 things irresistible people do differently

Everyone deserves dignity and respect


Basically irresistible people love spending time with others and taking part in social talks. In addition to it, every individual is unique and special according to them either one may be a CEO or a homeless person. After all, we are humans.

No gossips


Mr. or Ms. Charismatic will not gossip about others in order to build up the conversation. On the other hand, they will give importance to the one in front of them and let them shine. Gossip is a trait that they can never tolerate.

Treat others the way they expect to be treated


Dr. Bradley believes this to be the most vital character that needs to follow to win the folk’s hearts. He says “but that rule is flawed because t assumes that everyone wants to be treated the same way. In reality, people have different desires and goals.” This nuance is understood by the irresistible people that make them unique.

Healthy boundaries


They never try any impress people. As they believe that fake impressions don’t last long. As they love themselves with all their flaws they never overreact. As an art of conversation, they also set healthy boundaries that are vital for a long-lasting relationship.



Irresistible people never wear a mask in front of others. They needn’t be extremely handsome or pretty to be charismatic. Being a lover of themselves they walk into the room with self-confidence and shine with their own light enlightening others. These people never let them down or let others do so.



Have you ever felt why you have shared some of your personal things to someone in a very short time period? Or why you feel very comfortable sharing certain things with that person and not others? This is because they are trustworthy. They don’t judge you when you are true and never make you feel down when you share some of the darkest secrets. Integrity is what that attracts you towards them as they’ll never share your personals with others.

Warm smile

power of positivity

Charisma in them is the form of self-confidence. They always project themselves with the same smiling face in spite of all the storms in their life. Their humor sense would often excite you and make you wonder about the simplicity of their life.

They are compassionate


Basically, they are the lover of the world. They could spend time loving nature, animals and people. Being a lover of humanity they are empathetic. They’ll be the same to you when you are the king or the queen and other times when you are struggling. You would feel very comfortable to share the deepest pain as they know to mend your heart.

They love life


They can understand the eternal truth of life that life must pass on in spite of all struggles, misfortune, and loss of loved and heartaches. Realizing this fact makes their life more valuable to them. They just cherish each and every moment and when they meet someone new they can make others feel to be the most incredible part of their life.

Connects people with love


They can suddenly turn out to be our fairy and you would feel immense pleasure in their acknowledgment. These people can easily acknowledge likeminded people and connect a wider range of people creating a happy circle. They just get inspired by energy and stories.

Your lucky charm


After their presence, you would have found a kick start in your life. Your world would have started spinning right in spite of the imperfections. They become your fairy godmother in helping you to reach the next streak of success.

Hard working


Though Mr. or Ms.Irresistible always wears a smile on their face they know the fact that nothing can be achieved without hard work. Being a sincere hard worker in their profession they will inspire you to climb the ladders of success.

Lend their ears to you


Dr. Bradberry says, “people like to know you’re listening, and something as simple as a clarification shows not only that you are listening but you also care about what they are saying. You’ll be much surprised how much respect and appreciation you just for asking good questions”.

Searching optimistic answer in life


Whatever storms and hailstones pass away they will stand with confidence as they know that challenges make them the better versions of themselves. They always have a positive attitude and they have the habit of searching for an optimistic answer for life.

Thank you and please


They love the magic that gratitude gives us. This person always uses the magical word of thank you and makes us realize that they are meaning the words makes us understood, accepted and acceptable.

In addition, to be irresistible, these characters will project you as a good human being with an empathetic and compassionate heart.

If you have met someone with these character traits please let us know! With love, we anticipate your reply!

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15 Characters That Make You Irresistible

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