16 Horror Movies That You Can Watch In 20 Minutes

16 Two Minute Short Horror Movies

Watching horror movies is always a thrill. The thrill lies in the way we feel a sudden stop in the beat of the heart. Sometimes it becomes more interesting to watch our friends staring at the screen with ultimate horror. Here we Power Humans have brought you 16 carefully picked short horror movies that will glue to the seats with terror.

Enjoy and have fun!

  1. Bedfellows(2008)

Few minutes before dawn; the silence of the home is disturbed by the repetitive noise of the incoming call. The stillness of the nights is slightly shattered.  Who would call at this time? Why is she shocked to see her husband lying stiff like a corpse?

  1. Unknown number

A woman is studying late at night, she is disturbed at that late hour by many continuous calls from an anonymous number. Suddenly a threat creeps in the heart of that poor girl as she slowly realizes that she isn’t alone at home.

  1. Vicious(12 minutes)

What would you do if you find the front the front door unlocked when you arrive at home.  See what this girl does?  There is a threat that she may not be alone but what does the lurking in the dark means?

  1. The smiling man

A young girl encounters the evil face to face alone. What do you think she will do? Can a young girl control her fear?

  1. The  cop cam

The police officer responds to the call and enters an abandoned home. It’s not unusual that he is alone but what he sees is totally contrasting to what he expects.  This turn makes the movie very interesting

  1. Night Night Nancy( 4 minutes)

The girl wakes up at late night of the hour as she receives a text from her boyfriend. She is alarmed to find out that there is someone else in the home taking pictures of her while she was asleep.

  1.  Mr. Creak (3 minutes)

Penelope returns to her childhood home after many years and find an unusual toy repeating the rhyme of Mr. Creak. The monster torments her and do you think she can escape from this place?

  1. Click bait (4 minutes)

A girl browses the net and clicks something unknowingly. What happens after that is really strange!

  1. Victim (14 minutes)

When the boy goes out for a run, he finds a tall pale figure in a suit. It just doesn’t appear ones. It recurrently appears in front of him based on the tale of Slender Man.

  1. Passenger (3 minutes)

Driving to unknown silent places always seems peaceful. With this thought, the driver chooses a quiet road to stop the car and to take a nap. Everything goes perfectly until he is woken up by the knocking sound behind him.

  1. Downstairs(17 minutes)

A night shift guard is given only one simple instruction that he must not go downstairs. We love breaking rules. Do you think he we go downstairs and what the surprise that lies downstairs is?

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16 Horror Movies That You Can Watch In 20 Minutes

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