1O Exciting Things Your Body Reveal About You

We Power Humans have brought you something very interesting. Something simple such as our finger, toe, lips, tongue reveals a lot about us that we ourselves are ignorant of. Hereby we are letting you know something very crazy yet true. Now its time to come to judge your own personality.

The three kinds of fingers


If you have a long index finger compared to the index finger than you are a confident person.

If you find your index finger longer than your ring finger probably you are intelligent and cunning at the same time.

The same length of the index finger and ring finger reveals a well balanced and positive mindset.

The size of the hand



To know whether your hand is big or small measure it touching the end of the palm reaching the elbow with your thumb. If your hand is big you can touch the elbow if not you have small hands.

People with big hands are sincere and organized where the one with small ones are more logical.



Excessively dark red or white tongue shows symptoms of infections or bacterial growth.

A sore tongue is due to bad lifestyle or a very stressed lifestyle.

“Eyes reflect the soul” is indeed true


Brown eyes prove that you are very good at sports and a very strong person.

Strong grey eyes reveal your versatile personality of being a unique person form the group.

Having blue eyes you are a mentally, physically and socially a strong person with an unshakeable character.

Having hazel eyes you are always confident, happy and a great decision maker.

Green eyes portray a strong full character where you are accepted by all.



What do your feet tell you?


Flat footed reveals your hardworking and sincere character. One with normal arch has a good sense of humour.



Dry lips indicate the need for vitamin B where you have to add veggies. meat to your diet.

Full lips portray ones with a strong personality always bold and confident. you often deal with hard situations in a bold way.



Leunell – the white curve in the nail shows your health level. If you are unhealthy then you would find a fade curve.

What do your foot fingers tell you?

If you have a long third finger you are a very energetic person.

When you have a smaller third finger probably you are a lively person who loves to lead a calm life.

If you have all the fingers with a tall first finger and other with the equal length you are a creative, clever and a great multi-tasker.


people with big ears are said to be better listeners.

One with small ears are careful listeners who listen a lot to the inner self than the noises around

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Image Source: Trend Central Youtube


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1O Exciting Things Your Body Reveal About You

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