4 Signs that Tells That You Are Still Immature

“Maturity is accepting the responsibility of being oneself, whatsoever the cost, Risking all to be oneself, that’s what maturity is all about,” says Osho.  Here we Power Humans have brought you 4 signs that tell whether you are mature or not. Of course, the being mature is the consequence of the hardships and pain you meet up in your life.



Let’s have a check how far your life has nourished you to be a more mature person!



Life is a celebration regardless of the influence of the negative things that happen in our like.  It’s a beautiful transformation that takes time but it attaining it makes you very happy.

Mature people are aware of the fact that present is the influence of our past. Hence they give more importance to the presence creating something beautiful today. There is nothing called a good day or a bad day, each and every day is something to be cherished. They are wise enough to realize the fact that the reaction is the one that makes the situation good or bad.



Matured people have come across all the crooked boundaries. They love their looks, job and life.  Through this way, they don’t have an obsession with looks that could haunt them. They are contented to be themselves. Well, how do you feel about yourselves?

Immature people take something negative from all positive situation and a mature person has something positive to take up in all negative situation. Mature people let go of things that are not needed to be worried and concentrate more responsibility on required things.

A mature person never takes up a victim role in blaming the fate, society, loss or pain. They have the ultimate strength to wade across the harsh waters.  Moreover, they realize the fact one can’t waste their precious time in useless worry and depression. They have their own strategy for happiness.


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Image Source: Get Better Together Youtube


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4 Signs that Tells That You Are Still Immature

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