5 Cell Phones With The Highest Radiation Count

No one can imagine their life without a cell phone today. It has become one of the most important gadgets to have in your life. Even kids, who cannot tell when they need to go, know how to operate a cell phone.

Along with its various usages such as calling, texting and using the internet to stay in touch with their loved ones, mobile phone has become of the best inventions of our lifetime.

Mobiles use electromagnetic waves to function. The way they receive transmission and send messages work on electromagnetic waves and higher number of radiation can be harmful. This radiation is measured in SAR value – which stands for Specific Absorption Rate. This is the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed to radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field and is measured in watts per kilogram (W/kg).

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that phones sold have a SAR level at or below 1.6 watts per kilogram (W/kg) taken over the volume containing a mass of 1 gram of tissue that is absorbing the most signal.

Here are 5 such phones which have the maximum amount of SAR value and emit the maximum radiation when used.

Huawei Vitria (SAR Value of 1.49)

A new research at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, some models of cell phones are found to emit very harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation. One such phone is Huawei’s Vitria which has a SAR value of 1.49 W/kg. This is very close to the permissible level of 1.6 W/kg and can be considered harmful when the phone is used for a lengthy period of time.

5-cell-phones-with-the-highest-radiation-count-8952-2Alcatel One touch Evolve (SAR Value of 1.49)

Alcatel’s One Touch Evolve has a SAR value of 1.49 W/kg, another phone having high level of radiation levels.

The study found out that use of certain types of cell phones only for 15 minutes a day at a time can lead to an accelerated change in brain cells and formation of cancer cells.


Motorola Moto E (SAR Value of 1.50)

Motorola’s newest entrant in the market, the very affordable Moto E, which is marketed at the developing markets in India and Brazil, has a SAR value of 1.50. This level of radiation is very near to the permissible value of 1.6 W/kg.

With prolonged use exposure and increasing, use of these types of cell phones can very realistically raises the concern of development of brain tumor.


Motorola Droid Ultra (SAR Value of 1.54)

Motorola’s another high-end cell phone with SAR value of 1.54 is Droid Ultra. One of the most sold and high end cell phones, Droid Ultra’s SAR value can be very harmful if the phone is used for increasing amounts of time continuously.


Motorola Droid Maxx (SAR Value of 1.54)

Motorola made Droid Maxx has a SAR value of 1.54 and the value is considered a harmful amount of radiation that is emitted by the body.

There will be more research that will be done into the radiation emission. One way to save oneself from this radiation is to use hands-free while using the cell phones for continuous periods of time. Also lessening the use of cell phones will also be a way of saving yourself from electromagnetic radiation.


Top 10 Low SAR rate phones

The SAR values listed below are based on the US Federal Communications Community guidelines. Because European criteria are higher approximate calculations using the European standard would place the SAR value lower than the US equivalent.

The SAR rated phones listed below are specific to the ear/head. For the body the SAR is a little different, usually a bit lower.

  • Samsung Galaxy A5 – 0.65
  • Microsoft Lumia 535 – 0.46
  • Samsung Gusto 3- 0.53
  • Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM
  • Micromax Unite 3 – 0.20
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus – 0.374
  • LG 450 – 0.36
  • Samsung Jitterbug 5 – 0.40
  • LG A380 – 0.41
  • LG G3 Beat – 0.46

Top 10 High SAR rate phones

  • Alcatel 1010 – 1.08
  • BlackBerry Bold 9790 – 1.73
  • BlackBerry Curve 9320 – 1.56
  • HTC Desire X – 1.59
  • Motorola V50 – 1.19
  • Nokia 105 – 1.48
  • Nokia 8810 – 1.14
  • Nokia Asha 503 – 1.44
  • Samsung S300 – 1.14
  • Sony Ericsson Z1010 – 1.41

iPhone SAR ratings

The following SAR values reveal that reducing radiofrequency emissions doesn’t seem to be high on Apple’s list of priorities, given that they tend towards the higher end.

  • iPhone 6S – 1.14
  • iPhone 6S Plus – 1.14
  • iPhone 6 – 1.14
  • iPhone 6 Plus – 1.16
  • iPhone 5S – 1.18
  • iPhone 5C – 1.19
  • iPhone 5 – 1.18
  • iPhone 4S – 1.19
  • iPhone 4 – 1.11
  • iPhone 3GS – 0.67

It’s also worth looking at other high-end smartphones SAR measurements. The devices listed below can be compared to Apple’s latest iPhone 6 in terms of functionality and specifications.

  • LG G3 – 0.68
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – 0.86
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – 0.82
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – 1.17
  • HTC One M8 – 1.17
  • Amazon Fire Phone – 1.34
  • Motorola Moto X II – 1.40

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5 Cell Phones With The Highest Radiation Count

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