5 Invisible Keys To Be Happy Forever That You Probably Don’t

5 Invisible keys to be happy forever

”pursuit of happiness” is a common verse. Do you really think happiness is something that you have to pursue? Is it a goal? Now, this mechanical world is materialistic and it demands the man to run towards his own goals.  Does happiness too come under the priorities?

Happiness is not something that is momentary. It is a state of mind. Happiness is living the moment with peacefulness irrespective of any scenario. If you run all day with your goals, motives, priorities etc; where does your path lead? Yes, you may be a victorious person. All your goals may be a Midas touch! But are you completely satisfied at the end of the day regardless of your day’s progress? If not so, you need to know some real values of living. Here we power Humans are going to give you 5 invisible keys to be happy forever.

Don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket!


Just think about one fine morning when you are woken up by your friend who yells at you for no reason and blames you for some mistake and doesn’t give you a chance for you to explain. Think how you would respond. Yes, that person has ruined your day and all the misconceptions throughout the day stars from there, isn’t it?

Imagine another morning when you are woken up by the same friend with gratitude and happiness. Your friend is very happy to have you in his/her life and says some more praising words about you. How would you feel? Don’t you feel great and doesn’t your day runs with invisible bubbles of happiness flying all around you. So who decides your day? Is it you or people around you? Just change your mindset. Accept both criticism and appreciation in the same viewpoint. Let all the decisions of life be taken by you with happiness.

You deserve the love you keep trying to give everyone else:

Of course, we come across hard tracks of our life; yes many problems knock our doors and knock us down. But is this your strength, just handle it with the aid of your self-esteem. To tackle something you must have a good self-esteem because you deserve more than you think. Decide whether you are going to be you or the shadow of other’s perception. Love yourself with all your imperfections, naughtiness, memory es and pain. Not just because life has to move on but to create treasures of memories which you will reminiscence with warm heart tomorrow. ” To live is the rarest thing in the world “Most people exist, that is all” Oscar Wilde. Start living by loving and creating yourself new every day!

Your perspective of you after 5 years:

Just look ahead in your life leaving off all your fears and anticipation. What you become after 5 years depends upon the books you read and friends you have. Every happy people have 3 sets of friends- one they could mentor, with some they could hang out and the third kind of best friend is one to whom they could be true and accept true criticism. Being with the right people at the right phase of your life sets your life right;  So know the importance of people around you.

Being aware of the relationship that pulls you down:


Love isn’t a kind of distraction. It is being your real you and being accepted with all your flaws. It’s not a momentary happiness; it is a satisfaction that you always feel yourself. If so your love life haunts you, distracts you from your goals of life and demands more than you give. Maybe you are not on the right track. The value of love may not be priced according to the number of calls or texts but the unexpected popped notifications of your heart that it loves to recall in the weirdest time of your day. When you love life distracts you from your happiness don’t regret to reconsider its position in your life.

Unconsciously your friends may be your reason for your unhappiness. You need not spend time with negative people just for the sake of friendship. Be brave enough to come out if it hurts you.

Inviting happiness:

No one is perfect in this world, accept your flaws, correct it and lead your path. People may criticize you. Its all in the way you perceive. Stop blaming people and pass them with no complaints. To be happy you must be mentally prepared for everything in life and accept yourself and people around you completely.

Living the moment to its fullest:


Money can never buy you happiness. Yes, you would be happy and be jumping with excitement when you buy your new Audi car. But they are just moments if happiness and not the state of happiness. Just understand that there is no relation between money and happiness. Just think about some breathtaking moments of your life in which you jumped with extreme excitement.

  1.    Secretly catching the gaze of your crush in the crowd

  2.    Naughtily ignoring your lover’s eyes

  3.    The first time you got your baby in your hands

  4.    Getting up early in the morning to respond to a message.

  5.    The moment your spouse understands all your tiredness and remains silent till    you are fresh again

  6.    Sleeping in your mother’s lap.

  7.    Crying for a balloon

  8.    Grabbing the remote to see power rangers.

  9.    When someone could understand your incomplete or error sentences.

None of these moments needed money but all these are memories are priceless and happiness stored in tones to treasure all through your life. Just think of all these moments you never thought about anyone or anything. You just lived those moments.

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5 Invisible Keys To Be Happy Forever That You Probably Don’t

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