5 Worst Impact of Low Self Esteem That Pulls You Down

Confidence gives you the power to believe in yourself, push your limits, and conquer your goals to live an unstoppable life.    It is as essential as your breath and heart so, we Power Humans are making you aware of the 5 worst impact of low self esteem you would face unconsciously.

Building up your professional confidence:

Marshall Goldsmith’s 5 key points for his professional success,

  1. Handling your consequences and perfect decision making is more important than perfection.

  2. Accept your failures and understand the value of failure because the people who have faced the greatest failures have achieved the greatest results.

  3. Make a firm decision and don’t analyse it too much after it is taken.

  4. Even if you are not courageous don’t let others know it because your courage inspires others.

  5. Don’t waste your short life by doing something that doesn’t bring you happiness.

These key points are accessible for you whatever your job you may be. You may either be working at a Fortune 500 company or a convenience store; it is actually the confidence that drives you to give your best.

5 Worst Impact of Low Self Esteem

Financial impact:


Recent research in economics provides evidence to prove self-esteem to be the important determinants of earning. It proves that people with low self-esteem tend to earn very low wages due to their uncertainty about their goals, abilities and motives. Lack of confidence makes men a servile obedient to just follow all the orders. Such motives can never bring a promotion or rise because of it contempts rejection and accept everything without any great involvement. This totally controls all the incoming money and hereby all the financial struggle starts.

Personal Impact:

When trust for oneself fails it’s hard to trust others. This low self-esteem nearly destroys the personal life. With the lack of trust, each and everything turns into a problem. The relationship would go off track as there is not enough trust to catch hold of the love.  Insecurities, impatience would take an upper hand and deconstruct the life. Now by sensing the danger; one can throw off all your insecurities and impatience by following Goldsmith’s confidence tips.

Mental Impact:


A healthy mind creates success paths. This lack of self-esteem accelerates many problems life depression, anxiety, inflexibility and addictive behaviours. This can stop one from behaving confidently in the necessary situations. Doctors are prescribing Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for the depressed people to grow up their self-esteem. CBT mainly focuses on examining the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Physical Impact:


Depression may be the main cause of all your health problems. Irregular food habits and inadequate sleep due to depression can cause problems like chronic joint pain, back pain, gastrointestinal problems, and tiredness. Without your healthy mind large number of problems arises in your health too. The root of all these problems is the lack of self-esteem

Emotional Impact:


It also creates a terrible emotional impact. When one is depressed and has a physical problem too there is no space for peaceful emotions. It affects the mood too and creates the great imbalance in the life. As happy mood is essential for a state of peacefulness now it is time to throw off all the low self-esteem to have a great life.

To let go off all these worries and trauma the self-esteem is important. To have a turning point CBT is very helpful. Those lessons would help you to realise all your own values and make you get rid of all the worst impact. To live a happy life one must learn to love oneself and create the bond of love with all the people one meets.


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5 Worst Impact of Low Self Esteem That Pulls You Down

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