512 Year Old Shark Discovered By Marine Biologists!

We Power Humans have brought you something that’s quite weird and interesting. Development in science and research has led to the discovery of vast animal species. But still, this one is unbelievable. Danish scientist concludes this shark to be 512 years which is far ahead than the 400 years life span of this Green land shark. This shark is living a lifetime dating back to the times of William Shakespeare.


Julius Nielsen


This is one of the oldest vertebrates ever discovered on the planet. It’s shocking that its 18 feet long. The age of this one is determined by comparing its length with the usual growth of the similar species.

Marine Biologists found this one in the North Atlantic Ocean along with the  Julius Nielson who is the lead author of research in Unversity of Copenhagen. The normal growth of this species is one centimetre a year and by taking this as the main criterion the age of the shark is determined to be around or over 400 years.  This one has longlived the oldest shark that was believed to be 392 years.



Julius Nielsen

This shark has the possibility of living through some of the most important dates of our world history such as world wars, sinking of the Titanic ship, discovery of US which are the most remarkable events that can’t be taken away from the history.

This type of shark isn’t a hunting one although horses, moose, reindeer and polar bear has been traced before. The exterior of this shark has been considered as a delicacy in Iceland after it is properly treated. The outer skin may also be toxic as it contains a chemical that makes one feel like being drunk.


juniel85 / Instagram

The research leader, Professor Kim Prabel states sharks to be “living time capsules” that could help ” shed light on human impact on the oceans”. The oldest species in Icelandic clam is the shark of the same species Green Land which is recorded to be lived for 507 years which lost it live during the research of the scientist.

This research has led to a new discovery that has provided a fascinating revelation about the longevity of this kind. Neilson stated, “It definitely tells us that this creature is extraordinary and it should be considered among the absolute oldest animals in the world,”. Its discovery has revealed further information justifying their origin that dates back to the time period of dinosaurs!


juniel85 / Instagram


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512 Year Old Shark Discovered By Marine Biologists!

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