14 photographs to prove it! Humanity Still Exists Despite All Odds


“Life has become selfish nowadays; people have forgotten the art of living comfortable with the love and care of the fellowmen. Everyone has their own priorities, goals, path etc. “This is what we commonly think but these photographs will prove us wrong and make us realize the truth, that humanity still exists. These photographs speak with its unique language of silence but it has the power of scratching our hearts.

Second lives were granted with the wand of humanity.

 Love is blind! It only seeks protection and care.

Helping my fellow man is my foremost duty!

 I’m born to be a rockstar!

“I understand you” through the language of silence.

Little puppies too need us!

Giving a second life is the greatest gift you can give to anyone! For some it worth more than their life!



Humanity exists!

  Hats off to the man born as the child of mercy!

It suits you well!

Celebration of peace

  We are there caring for you all!

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