7 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Watch

A good timepiece is not only an accessory but a statement of style elegance and self – expression. You may think, why to wear a watch when we have a smartphone that has completely given us the convenience of knowing the time. But do you really think that a smartphone can make you feel connected and elegant like a watch? Don’t you think a smartphone can tell you the way your wristwatch elegantly communicates with silence?  Wearing your favorite watch is a feeling, an elegant relationship. Here we Power Humans are letting you know the seven reasons why you have to wear a watch.


Finding the exact minute in a smartphone takes a minute. Though the technology has greatly changed, there can never be any replacements for certain things like a watch. To check out the time you have to search for in your pocket, and when you, at last when you find the smartphone you are carried away by something else over there and get lost in time without actually finding the right time.


The main function of the time is to tell the time! Do you think your smartphones can help you out throughout 24/7? Perhaps, the battery goes dead. If you really think the time is something of great importance then you will really know why military men, scuba divers, and pilots rely on a watch than any other devices. The sole responsibility of the watch is to let you know the time. That’s why the watch keeps you informed about the right time for years.


When you want to look at the time, you get to know about the time and move on. Think what happens when you look at the smartphone. You find a notification from social media, missed calls and finally, you may be carried away by other things forgetting why you looked at the watch. There is a kind of simplicity on the traditional watch. Though there are modern watches that also serve different purposes, the traditional watch wins over the heart than anything else.


There is something elegant about wearing an elegant watch. Your watch introduces a lot more about your style, your sort of thinking whether you like antique styles or decorative. You would really do get great complements that you can’t stop enjoying.  It’s better to be looked over than overlooked!


Technology fails when it comes to something called craftsmanship. Especially, the higher end watches are crafted for months by two to there men working really hard to produce a masterpiece.

Heirloom watches



Watch is always an elegant symbol of your thoughts. Spending money on watches are quite worthy and the watch lovers would tell you why. When you gift someone a watch, you pass on your love reminding them to spend the leftover time with a celebration. These kinds of timepieces stay with you forever if you know the way handle it with care.

It Changes Your Relationship With Time



There are lots of people who are deeply in love with their watches. There’s a cute connection with this object that silently tick-tocks with full of life. There is a community of people completely passionate about these timepieces. It just changes your relationship with time making each moment worth living than carried away by something unreal.





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7 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Watch

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