7 Smart Ways To Impress People Within 5 minutes Of Conversation

Meeting new people is always exciting! Real chaos starts when you want to impress the other side and create a long-lasting impression. It’s always good to be remembered being attractive and energetic.  New people we meet add colours to our life making it a celebration.  Everything is fine but how to impress people within 5 minutes of conversation?

7 Smart Ways Of Impressing People Within 5 minutes

Look At The Eyes When You Converse


This is one of the most repeated hacks that has been told for centuries.  Your eyes are said to be the reflection of your soul. A gentle smile, the right eye contact is enough to steal the heart of others in front of you. This conveys a lot more about your friendliness, confidence and compassion.  What else would someone expect from a new person?

Don’t Try To Be Over Friendly Or Pretend To Be A Better Person


Every human on earth is unique.  You need not put up a Mr. or Ms Cool look. Just be the true self. Also, understand the fact that being very friendly at the first sight creates a repulsion. Maintain a balance and make the other one fall for you with a right trick. Make yourself feel comfortable and create a memorable impression.

Common Enemy Is A Great Way To Start Over

This is a great way to initiate a conversation. Have you ever tried it out? Most often people tend to find the shadow of themselves in others. Whatever it may be, an opposite cricket team or a common enemy or controversial current incident, it creates a great scope of the conversation. Both of you would have a lot more to discuss. Without a personal touch or letting more about your personal self you would be able to create an impression of familiarity.

Laugh And Make Others Laugh


Laughter is said to be the chemistry of love. So why not try it out when you meet a new person. When you can laugh you exhibit your sense of enjoying life attitude. Who avoids an enthusiastic person? Your humour sense will tell more about the attitude of taking up life lightly.

Listen Intently 

With focuses eyes and well-tuned ears, you can impress people within seconds. It’s a natural instinct to listen to someone when they are introducing themselves for the first time. Even if you are distracted don’t show it off.

Start Something Interesting to Converse, Speak Something strange

Come out of the normal boring conversations like how are you or how was the day. Leave them something to be remembered when you walk away from them. This is not a herculean task of course. We, humans, are attracted to extreme strange things very easily. Let them know something strange about you or some strange incident that would excite them.  The invoke of exciting feeling can make you more memorable than you think.  Imperfections attract a lot!

Don’t Life To Impress, Live To Inspire

Pass on your happy vibes when you meet a new person. You may not impress every human you meet on earth but its still possible to pass on a small positive note for others to cherish. We are blessed with all virtues already then why pretend to be unique?

Your true self-attracts a lot more than a genuine mask!


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7 Smart Ways To Impress People Within 5 minutes Of Conversation

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