8 Everyday Things You Are Doing Wrong

Every day we perform certain tasks as daily rituals even without a complete knowledge. They just become a part of your day without any interpretations. So hereby we power humans are helping you.

Find 8 common things that you are doing wrong.

Foamy Soft Relaxing Bath:


We always find foamy bubble bath under a shower to be very relaxing and refreshing but it is wrong.

Our skin becomes drier as we turn old. This high soap content astringent bath will make our skin drier. Only our skin folds need more soap and for rest of our body, the soapy water that runs down our body is more than enough.

Unplanned Schedule:


Most of us have unique productive working hours. During certain productive hours, we can naturally concentrate on our work without distractions. Work on the time that is convenient for you but plan your rest breaks. If you are going to work from 9 to 11; don’t plant a rest break at 10. This will ruin your concentration and the quality of your result. Utilize your productive hours properly by having a right schedule and right rest breaks.

Making Your Professional Life Personal:


It’s really important to set boundaries between your professional life and personal life. By using personal Messaging apps like Whats App you are creating a new uncomfortable relationship which is neither completely personal nor completely professional. Psychologist considers this kind of relationship to be unhealthy. Moreover, it can create more confusion as these personalized apps show whether you have received the message or you have read it.

Perfect Pasta Doesn’t Need Oil:

We add oil to the pasta to make it softer and non-sticky. But actual preparation of pasta making doesn’t need oil; the right amount of water is more than enough. Oil prevents the sauce from getting mixed with the pasta and it decreases the perfect pasta taste. So add 1 litre of water per 100 grams of dry pasta and 1.5 litres of water for 100 grams of fresh pasta.

Paper Towels:

© emaze

There are tones and tones of paper getting wasted in the form of paper towels in public toilets. As a modern civilized people, we are destroying a great number of trees for our welfare. We can do something to this issue. Just shake your hand well before you dry your hands with paper towel. Doing something is better than nothing.

Take Deep Breaths But Not With Your Chest:


Taking a deep breath and proper oxygenation has very good effects on our nervous system and it helps us to lower Blood pressure and it reduces inflammation and pain. You can feel are these benefits only if you breathe through your diaphragm.

Brushing With Only Horizontal Strokes:

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We are doing our first activity of our day wrong. Proper brushing of our teeth needs both short vertical movements and horizontal movements. Also be aware that we must brush our teeth for2-3 minutes.

Starting The Habit Of Exercising Abruptly:

Suddenly we would become highly conscious of our health, weight, and fitness and start exercising all of a sudden. This is really harmful to our body. We must not exercise too hard at the beginning. We must have proper warm-up flexibility exercises in our workout and slowly as step by step procedure and increase its intensity. Also, remember to add up stretching exercise at the end of the workout.

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  1. We are always told to use our hands to cover our mouth and nose when we cough or sneeze, but this is completely wrong. Viruses easily spread through touch — after you sneeze or cough, you use your hands to open doors, touch tickets and money, or hold a handrail.

8 Everyday Things You Are Doing Wrong

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