8 Hard Working ISRO Women Scientists Ruling The Space

8 Hard Working ISRO Women Scientists Ruling The Space

“Behind every successful space mission in India, there are thousand women scientists”

India is successful in its space mission and it always sets as an example to the rest of the world in the field of space. Behind every success of the mission, there are many women scientists who have played their crucial role very well. These women have proved that even the sky is not the limit.

We Power Humans let you know about  8 great ISRO women scientists who set an example for the rest of the world

    Ritu Karidhal

Rita Karidhal works on weekends brainstorming with ISRO engineers. She has inspired herself with questions related to space and science. Even as a child she has wondered the moon’s changing shapes and has also wondered at the other darker side of the moon.

Nearly after a decade, she was appointed as the Deputy Operations Director of the Mars Orbiter Mission. She now heads the well-known mission of ISRO.

   Moumita Dutta


Being a kid she has passionately read about the Chandrayaan mission. Now she works as a project manager for the Mars Mission.

At present, she leads a team to progress in optical science which is a part of “Make in India” initiative.

Nandini Harinath

Her first job in her life is ISRO. The star trek series inspired her to learn science. Being a family member of teachers and engineers she’s naturally interested in science and technology.

She works as a Deputy Director now and she happily exclaims that she feels proud to see the Mars Orbiter Mission on the new 2000 rupee note.

Anuradha TK

She is the Geosat program director. She also badges the record of being the senior most woman officer at ISRO.

 The act of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon inspired her a lot. She had the aim of becoming a space scientist from her childhood at the age of 9.

 She is a source of inspiration for every hard working woman scientists working in ISRO.  During school days she has been the lover of logical subjects compared to subjects that must be memorized. Being a logical person from childhood, she now uses her practical way of thinking in the important departments in ISRO.

She happily says that “sometimes I forget that I’m a woman here, you’re treated as an equal here”.

N Valar Mathai

she led the launch of the radar imaging satellite, the RISAT-1. This is India’s first indigenously developed satellite.

After T K Anuradha she is the second woman to head a satellite mission at the ISRO. She made the state of Tamil Nadu proud. She is also the first woman to head the mission that is related to remote sensing satellite.

   Minal Sampath


Minal Sampath is a great hard working woman who worked 18 hours a day for the Mars Orbital Mission. She led the team that consisted of 500 scientists as system engineers. For two years she worked hard for the Mars mission saying goodbye to Sundays and for national holidays too.

As the result of her hard work, the Mars Mission project became a great success.  Her future aim is to become the first woman director to head the national space agency.

Kriti Faujdar

She works as a computer scientist who works at the Master Control Facility. This keeps the satellites in orbits.

She works hard with erratic shifts. From dawn to dusk she works with great passion! Her love for the job gives her the perseverance to work enthusiastically.  She aims to pursue Mtech so that she can be a part of the future scientist of India.

 Tessy Thomas

Tessa Thomas can be called as the missile woman, who has headed the Agni V mission and also Agni IV mission.

Technically she works for DRDO but not ISRO, she deserves a lot to be on this list.

With her hard work, she has brought India closer to be the member of exclusive clubs like ICBM. She is also fondly called as Agni Putri by the media people.

There are more than 16,000 women striving hard in the space stations making our country proud day by day.

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8 Hard Working ISRO Women Scientists Ruling The Space

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