8 Signs That Tells That You Are Stressed

Stress is something that can control all our aspects of life which includes emotions, behavior, logical thinking and our health. The chronic stress could create serious health problems and it can affect you mentally.

A bit of stress can boost us but it is not healthy all the time. Every day we tend to encounter a stressful situation but the problem arises when we can’t handle the situation around us. In this state, stress is no more your motivator.  Naturally, during stress, our brain tends to release adrenaline and cortisol affect all every system of our body. As a result, it arises many serious health issues. We Power Humans are letting you know the signs that tell that you are stressed.


Symptoms like a headache, digestive problems, frequent cold and infection, sudden weight gain and weight loss, stomach issues, fatigues, chest pain and loss of sex drive aren’t common signs that can be ignored.  Stress totally devastates your body hence with care we suggest you with ideas that can throw away your anxiety for a healthier life.



The Mayo clinic concludes stress to be the primary cause of stress.  These headaches either it is a common one or a migraine it can cause mild, intense or moderate pain in the head, neck or behind the eyes.

Stomach Issues

Stress directly affects the digestive system and cause problems like nausea, indigestion, aches, cramps which are the serious reflection. This is regarded as the most common symptom of stress.


Stress can totally exhaust all the potential of the mind and the physical energy. The tensions interrupt our body’s normal functioning and increase our pressure.

Digestive problem


The adrenaline and the cortical flow that the brain releases can produce a shock to the digestive system. Medical experts have concluded many pieces of research reveals the connection between the brain and the digestive system. Chronic stress can result in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Weight Gain

The release of cortisol can unnaturally increase your appetite that drives you crazy over the junk foods and accumulates belly fat. Many individuals have also felt weight loss due to stress.

Frequent cold and infection


Stress pumps up the blood in a faster phase that totally drives the pressure rate in us. As a result, our whole immune system is at a stake that can’t fight against bacteria and other agents and cause frequent cold and fever.

Chest pain

Anxiety causes stress that frustrates the mental cycle that results in chest tightness and pain.  Often it is a frightening experience as it is linked with mechanisms like blood clotting that causes severe health problems.

Loss of sex drive

Stress can cause serious issues for both men and women as it can affect the sexual engagement. It is due to the release of certain chemicals in the brain that affects the sex drive.  Chronic stress also results in the ovulation problem in the woman and decreases the sperm count in men.

How to handle stress?

stress quoteWhile there are thousands of ways stresses causing factors, you can find millions of way to solve it. It can definitely lessen the effect and calm down our body and mind.  Let’s handle stress with the right mindset and start relishing our daily life with new freshness!

We give you suggestion that WebMD gives us to counteract stress:


Write 10 to 15 minutes a day. Writing is a great art to cope up with stress. This will make you more organized and promote peacefulness as you have already scheduled your day.


Talking is a great stress buster. Talk to your friends, family, and college who can help you out to feel stress-free. Just trust someone and let out all your anxiety, worry, hatred and everything so that nothing stays in your heart anymore.


Do what you love! Start cherishing each and every moment of your life by enjoying your long forgotten hobby. Do something creative and volunteer yourself to feel light at heart.


Stop sobbing over the past events and concentrate more on the present and hence meditate to be more productive.

The best way to manage stress is to exercise regularly as stress is a byproduct of muscle tension.

Spend more time in yoga, breathing exercise and muscle relaxation that can rejuvenate you from inside.

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8 Signs That Tells That You Are Stressed

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