8 simple ways to handle office politicians in a cool and confident way

Passion and perseverance is a kit to survive office politics. Life is not the same every time. We always meet different kinds of people as our life proceeds. These people may interrupt you with your job. May take the credit of your life, but your heart know the real credit you deserve? The best way to live your life is not allowing others to influence you.  Of course, you can’t change these office politicians but you can play your part cool by following some simple steps. Here we Power Humans are helping you out to work with confidence and contentment without all these politicians influencing your life.

React with your conscience:

When everything goes wrong and you find that you are blamed for something else you didn’t’ door you find that someone is enjoying your credit. One would either fight back or get away. You must rule that situation. Don’t fall because of the way others trigger you.  You know what you have done; there is nothing wrong in justifying you but always be aware that you can’t prove yourself to all. Take control of the situation reacts in a rational way, justify your act that’s all. Don’t expect anything in return.

Just be productive:

Concentrate more on your work. Let the foxes howl. Take additional care and work smartly. Have an open discussion with your boss. When you concentrate more on your work and have healthy discussions regarding the pros and cons of the business. You will be appreciated by your boss as he can automatically understand the real scenario. There is no need to justify your action to anyone. Everything will start spinning right automatically.

Do you best and expect nothing in return:

You may feel helpless or victimized due to these office politicians. Just control your anger and think what is going to happen by justifying you to these people. Sometimes silence and perseverance have more power that the yelling at others. When you think that you have done all you can do. It’s time to just walk away!  Don’t ever allow them to decide your way of thinking.  By this way, you can be more cool and confident.

Focus only on your business objectives:

There may be conflicts between any two powers. There you need not support any one of them and get involved in the politics. Supporting one side would involve you more with the politics. Don’t take sides. Maintain a friendly relationship with both the sides and work in your own way concentrating more on your business objectives. This would project you as a trustworthy person.

Don’t take it to the heart:

Yes, these things would trigger up your anger and your emotions.  When you are going to fight back you are creating a scene. Let all these things go away.  When you handle these scenarios in a cool and positive way and work smartly.  Your name can get into the promotion list easily because no one needs an angry person to manage great tasks.

They are actually speeding up your process:

It’s common human behavior to work fast when there is an interruption; when you are interrupted you are actually speeding up your process and reaching your goal in a faster phase of time. It’s on your hand whether you are going to accept it as a distraction or considering it as a motivator.

The best way to turn over your criticism:


When people think that you can understand their situation they will stop criticising you. Just by understanding their motives you can resist all the miscommunications and criticisms. When they think that you can empathise with them most of the criticisms will shut off.

Follow win-win strategy:

We are stereotypical about our winning. We always have a common thought that one must win and other must fall. This is not necessary for business.  Think how both of you can win. For that first, you have understood their perspectives and create a new resolution that would satisfy both of your priorities.  This will create a great bond between you and your co-workers.


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8 simple ways to handle office politicians in a cool and confident way

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