9 Best Positive Thinking Books That Can Change Your Life

9 Best Positive Thinking Books That Can Change Your Life

American spiritual movement New Thought bought a great drastic change in the society. A new principle called thoughts are causative was born. Positive thinking reviled the philosophy of America and in the 19th century, it became the national creed. With this ideology many political jargons aroused like Ronald Reagan’s “Nothing is Impossible”; Barack Obama’s “Yes we can”. Commercials like Nike used “Just do it”. US Army’s “be all you can be”.

Positive thinking is also called as mind power movement and this is the ideology behind the success of many successful business motivations, mind body medicine etc.

1. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

The protestant minister’s manifesto is made the theme positive thinking very popular. This book brought out the philosophy which was deeply rooted into the mystical subcultures. This was accepted by most of the church going Americans. This positive thinking book is filled with enduring ideas that will boost one and serve as a self-help guide. It is also used for religious counseling and therapeutic spirituality.

2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This is an influential book that has the power to encourage and build one’s character. Napoleon was inspired by the industrialist Andrew Carnegie, whose insights inspired him. The writer has crafted this book with rich metaphysics. He speaks about “master mind” which serves as an analog to Ralph Waldo’s “Over Soul”.

3. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This positive thinking book speaks about the distinct human nature and dwells deep into the insights of the human behavioral patterns. This book serves as a blueprint to humans to accomplish things in the workplaces and any large organization. This book is based on one main principle that agreeable people win and the nuance of accomplishing it is through avoiding offending other people’s sense of vanity.  It has a professional tone that speaks in the language of workplace relations.

4. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles (1910)

This book is a merge of New Thought movement’s principle and social ideas. It speaks about the money seeking aims. This book served as a key influence on the movie The Secret. This book highlights the progressive ideas that flourished in the early days about positive thinking.

5. Psycho- Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz  (1960)

Maltz is a cosmetic surgeon, invented the new form of New Thought principles. This bestseller did not summon the metaphysical elements but it reframed the process of positive thinking as a psychological reconditioning. This book is still considered as a foundation for business motivation, cognitive reconditioning. It also portrays the work of figures such as Anthony Robbins.

6. Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson, first series (1841)

These are the great transcendentalist manifestos, such as “The Over-Soul”,” Spiritual Laws”, “Self-Reliance” and “Compensation”. And other essays such as “success” and “Nature ” is filled with positive thoughts. However, these positive quotes were not popularly quoted by the New Thought Writers and this book wasn’t the due to that movement. This book sets a mystic tone that opens up about the self-directed spiritual search in the Westernized world. This positive thinking book influences people to a great level and it has never lost its charm throughout these years.

7. Philosophical Conceptions and Practical Results by William James

Philosopher James is credited for raising questions of mental healing and also for bringing out the causative qualities of mind. Another book of him called “The Varieties of Religious Experience” which was delivered as an address at the Philosophical Union at Berkeley tells about the need of practical spirituality and philosophy of living.  

8. As a Man Thinketh by James Allen (1903)

James Allen is an English Moralist and the early animal rights activist wrote this book which serves as a brilliant meditation. It served as a key to mind power movement. It deals with the mind power principles in a detailed manner describing its practical and ethical manner. The sensationalism and the universalization of the philosophy play as the mental manifestation to all people regardless of versatility in beliefs and religious backgrounds.

9. Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy (1875)

This book can’t be considered as a positive thinking book in the conventional sense. This too has the influence of  Christian Science Founder. Eddy is internationally popular and widely read. Her book has a high state of metaphysics that can touch everyone who reads this book and this mind power principle has been inspiring people around the globe for nearly fifty years. It has foreseen the current use of prayers and meditation practices for health.

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9 Best Positive Thinking Books That Can Change Your Life

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