9 Hacks To Find Out The Real And The Fake Brands

Do you really think that you are using an authentic branded product? Now its time to have a check on them! Most of the marketers are smart enough to make us believe their fake one to an authentic one. Here we Power Humans have brought you 11 tips to find whether you are buying a genuine item. After reading this article probably all of you are going to check all your branded signature items.

Levi’s jeans


Have a look at the back packet. If you are having an authentic one you will not find an Arc-shaped stitching in the back pocket. On the tab, you will wind Levi’s signature with small letter E and not a capital letter.


The pin buttons will be made of metal and you will notice Levi’s signature in the flat top followed by the serial number in the front and back of the product in case of an authentic product.

 Lacoste Polo


Look at the buttons. They will be of variegated color and saddle-shaped with two holes for needles in the middle and there won’t be any writings.

 You will find the crocodile in the classic style which is separately stitched and not the part of the material printing. You can find it on the side of the button which is closer to the lower part.

 There would be small elevations in the men’s T-shirts and not the women’s clothes.

Victoria’s secret bathing suit


All the bathing suits of this brand are of double cloth and if you touch the material you will find the two distinctive layers.

 It is available in XS, S, M, L, and XL. There are only three sizes S, M and L in the fake brand. They are manufactured only in China and Sri Lanka with the tags only in pink, black, transparent or white.

Rolex watch


A Rolex clock face is made of sapphire glass which will not change the shape of the water drops on it. You will find the calendar box to be little elevated and at the reverse side, you will find a crown picture near the number 6.

 You will never hear the tick-tock sound as the second hand is very silent.

 The original models will have a metal cover with the serial number engraved on it where else the fake one will have a transparent back panel.

Ray-Ban glasses


You will find the glass to be uneven with the Ray-Ban logo on the button. In the left side, you will find the firm stamp, rough case in the front and a softer one in the back.

 The real one has laser engraving hence you can’t remove the lenses from the frame.

 In the right arm, you will find the details regarding the color, level of dimming, the diameter of the lens and the size of the nose bridge.

Converse sneakers


They are always sold laced and the soles are not less than 1.18 inch high. At the reverse side, you will find an “ALL STAR” sign sometimes accompanied with R.

 The upper part of the sneakers has two broad stitching and the tag has a 6 character serial number.

Air Max sports shoes


Below the transparent plastic cover, you will find an air module and it would be hard to push and if you do so it will regain its original position very soon.

 All the manufactured items after 2008 will not have any threaded stitching. It has a serial number of 6 characters near to the 3 characters in color code. As the sole is made of high-quality gum it looks little dimmer.

 Christian Louboutin shoes


You can find that the toes and heel to be of the same level that is attached to the floor. You can find a distinctive curve in them with the heels and side parts of the same width. All the material are the same one.

You can find the soul only in red and other bright colors. It has the Christian Louboutin stamp sometimes accompanied with Vero Curcio with the tag ”Made in Italy”

Apple EarPods headphones

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The original package will be in the blue plastic box with the weight of 1.8 oz. you will find the hatches made of metal with no factory brazing.


The fake one will miss the symbols either on the right or left side.

Preview photo credit eos-cosmetic


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9 Hacks To Find Out The Real And The Fake Brands

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