10 Unusual Facts About Alexander The Great

  1. Alexander is commonly remembered as a conqueror but his real motives of war are to liberate the countries and exchange cultural experience with them.

  2. Alexander never lost a single battle in 15 years of war. He combined great tactics, clear strategy, ferocious and experienced soldiers.

  3. One of Alexander’s eyes was blue and other was brown due to heterochromia.

  4. Alexander the great, Hitler, Mussolini and Napoleon suffered from ailurophobia, the fear of cats.

  5. Three sons of Fidel Castro are named after Alexander the great- Alexander, Alejandro, and Alexis.

  6. Every day he washed his hair with saffron that kept his hair shiny and orange. Keep in mind that saffron was very rare during that time period and it was more expensive that gold.

  7. Alexander played the great roles of a king, commander, politician and scholar and explorer. He found 70 cities and created an empire that covered two million square miles and three continents.

  8. Alexander was simultaneously the king of Persia, Pharaoh of Egypt, King of Asia and King of Macedonia.

  9. Alexander was inspired by poetry and music. He was greatly inspired by the mythical character Hercules and he was an expert in playing the lyre.

  10. A town in Pakistan was originally named after Alexander’s horse- Bucephala or Alexandria Bucephala is the name of that place.

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