Here Is Amazing Proof Of Time Travel It Make You Believe In 30 Sec

Time Travel Einstein's Theory of RelativityTime traveling has always been on both terms; either it is considered to be crazy or otherwise an intellectual one. Let’s see what Einstein says about it.His general theory of relativity concept theoretically proves that time traveling to be true and possible. Then what’s the big deal in accepting it? would you have accepted the concepts of internet and smartphones if you have been told a few decades back?

Here we Power Humans have come to you with the fascinating ideology of time traveling and its possibilities.

Just before getting deep into this, let’s brush up a little about some of the theories like the black hole and parallel universe for a better understanding. To travel out of space we need black hole which is nothing but a place where a star has been burst out.  The place has high gravity and to travel through it you must be faster than light.

black hole“Black hole isn’t something that occurs only in space and it is possible to create it on earth within our room but still it needs a lot of matters” Scientists conclude.

Parallel universe is something we commonly know about.  As there is life on earth there are possibilities of life on some other planet. Just like that there chances of life in another universe. The existence of humans is possible and the most exciting thing about this concept is there may be people resembling us in the way we look.

Parallel universe

By now you would have come to the understanding that time travel is possible and the way you can travel far ahead. The only thing you need is the machine.

Just slide down to see the murals that foresee the invention of iPhone 7 decades before its invention. Mr. Pychon and the settings of the spring field.  Over here you can see in front of Pynchon a native American is there. It looks as if he is taking a selfie with his brand new i phone with excitement.

However, a culturist concludes that it to be a mirror as the mirror is something precious to the native Americans.

Crown says it to be either a psalms or gospels as it was very popular during that period of time.

Now let’s come to a decision that time travel is possible. Each and every scientist have their own perspective on it which is totally contrasting to each other. Einstein according to his law of relativity he says that “traveling to future is possible but going back to the past is impossible as we travel with the speed of light”.

On contrary, Kurt Godel argued that the same concept of theory of relativity allows us to travel past as he believes that the rotation the of the earth would be helpful to travel to history and come back on time.

Frank Tipler also has a hypothesis over traveling backward. He concludes that one can go back to the past if he travels by the spacecraft through spinning in the longitudinal axis of the earth which will take us to the past.

Theoretically, the concept is proven. Still, we need a great leap in the technological advancement to give life to all these theories.

Sometimes we just don’t believe certain things that we can’t understand. Just like that let’s have a look at the rumors that have driven us crazy throughout these years.

Do you know the case of Andrew Carlson who turned up $ 350 million just by investing $800 in the stock market? Of course, this case gained its peak of mystery when he confessed that he was a time traveler from 2256! However, the FBI concluded him to be a liar. Who knows the reality?

Some more amazing pieces of evidence are there to excite you!

In a photograph taken in British Columbia in 1940’s, you can witness a cool guy totally contrasting to them wearing a sunglass and having a camera!

Could you believe to find the Hollywood terminator Michael Cera in the photograph that was taken in 1930’s in Germany? You can conclude in two ways either he would have traveled back to spy the Nazi organization or he would actually be a traveler who has stepped to rock the Hollywood screens from the future.

On a footage of a factory in Massachusetts during 1930’s, you can find a woman speaking on the cell phone in the time period where no towers existed!

Jay-Z the rock superstar resembles a man who belongs to 1933 in Bronks. Another fact that coincidences are the Bronx and Brooklyn are very nearby.

Have you ever seen the striking resemblance between Jennifer Lawrence and the old Egyptian actress Zubaida Tharwat? Do you think a westerner would love to act in a movie like the Lawrence of Arabia spending a great deal of time?

You have to either believe in any one of these concepts, immortality or time traveling in the case of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. How can a man live in three different ages?

time travelAnother case of mystery where a someone called Andrew Basiago claims himself to be a time traveler who has come to this time period for the sake of a project called Pegasus! He has also traveled past in 1863 Gettysburg where  Abraham Lincoln resided. he also confesses himself to be a witness to the assassination of Lincoln in Ford’s theatre.

Can you ever believe a laptop in Greek during the ancient time period?

Now, what do think about time traveling?


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Here Is Amazing Proof Of Time Travel It Make You Believe In 30 Sec

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