The Best Hair Style That Suits You According To Your Face Shape

They way you groom yourself is the first impression you create on others. Make the first impression memorable and unique. You may want to have a trendy haircut but it checks out whether it suits your face shape. Here we Power Humans help you out to find your face type and the best hairstyle that suits you best.

Why do certain hairstyles suits some best and not others? The secret behind it is the face type. If you want the best one that suits you, you need to figure out the head shape before jumping into a hairstyle.

To groom up your hair, you need a mirror, comb and a bar of soap. Pull your hair back with a comb. You can use soap to draw an outline of the hairstyle you need. You can come up with a decision according to the face type.

Square Face

This face structure has a wide jaw with high cheekbones. They have quite a lot of symmetric qualities.

This reduces the sun burns and hair above the ears. A short hairstyle would suit you best, when it is styled upwards it elongates the face. If you love to have facial hair, it’s wiser to opt for a longer beard that would lengthen the square jaw.Wide jaw and high cheekbones are the key features of men’s square faces. Here’s how you take advantage of these symmetric qualities:

Hair Style

You can opt for clean haircuts like classic side parting or modern messy pompadour as you have strong clearcut jawlines.

Triangle Face Shape

If you have a triangular head shape you would have thinner cheekbones which result in the extended wider jawline.  Here we are giving you the best tips to bring out the best out of this face type.

You may have to add width and volume to the top of the head that will balance out the jaw.  A thick well-groomed beard suits you best to draw drastic angles of your jawline. A fringe can create an illusion a thicker forehead that reduces the impact of the strong chin.

You have to concentrate more on the hair length and you can create a volume at the top. Textured Pompadour, curly tops, and quiffs suit you best if you have a triangular face.


Oblong Face Shape

This is one of the ideal face shapes with high cheekbones, clear-cut jaw bones, and a well-balanced chin. Here’s how to enhance your looks.

Your face is already longer and makes sure that you don’t make it look more oblong. You would avoid thick long beards that’s create a kind of chaos in your look. Other than this one, you are lucky enough to choose any of your favorite hairstyle that you think that suits yu best.

You can opt for one side parting accompanied by a stumble. This is one of the most favorite hairstyles of the oblong faced man.


Dimond Face Shape

The main feature of this oval shaped face is the length and the well-pointed chin Here’s how to enhance your looks.If you want to grow your hair out, your long face would support you. You can soften your angular features by having a layered haircut.

You can go for a messy fringe or a wavy side parting that would balance your forehead and make sure that you do not shorten your sides too much as it would make your face look more wider than usual.


Oval Face Shape

When you have this face type, the width of the cheekbones will be longer than usual and comparably the forehead will be wider than the jawline. You can steer away from fringer as it would make your face look rounder. You can create some volume at the top that would help you to elongate your features.

The shorter haircuts suit you best as an oval-shaped face you would have rounder features with a well-angled sider parting.


Round Face Shape

If you have a round face you can make your head appear longer and give you a well-chiselled look. A side swept fringe will contrast to your wide cheekbones. This combination of a well-trimmed side gives you a more masculine look. To draw attention you can style up your hair by spiking your hair upwards that will elongate the round face.

You can make your jawline look longer by creating a height at the top/ You can opt for side parting, french crops with messy fringes and also for pompadours.


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The Best Hair Style That Suits You According To Your Face Shape

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