The Top 10 Free Movie Download Websites That Are Completely Legal

The trend in watching movies have also changed.  Movies have always have been a great passion for all of us. Downloading movies and watching it in our free time is really great. You need not pay for the movie or wait in a queue or reschedule your timing just to watch a movie. In your fingertip, you can easily download it anytime, anywhere and enjoy the movie. It’s that simple and easy but the problem arises when you download it from illegal websites. These websites are releasing torrent links without the rightful permission of the owner and they are subjected to piracy.

Here we Power Humans are helping you out with the top 10 Free Movie Download Websites that are completely safe and legal. Through these websites, you can find even the latest streaming movies with free of cost. You just need to register yourself for free and start enjoying your favorite movies. You can choose your favorite movie with your IP address without being detected as an illegal address. These websites provide high-quality movies without consuming a lot of data.


The most popular movie website to download movies! Through this, you can see your favorite movies and drama series in any time period in any language. You can also make use of offline YouTube channel and watch it whenever you feel like watching.

Internet Archive:

The Internet Archive provides you with the greatest collection of movies and books. You have an option of downloading movies in form of torrent through this websites. You can download the movies in a faster phase with low consumption of data as it is available in the form torrents.


This website is for the kind of people who love watching movies according to the specific genre. Some would like thriller or horror or romantic movies. Through this website, you can easily pick out your favorite movies and have a treat.


Sony owns this website. This website has the largest collection of movies. To access this website you have to sign up and choose your playlist for free. This website provides you with the best collection of tv series and best movies which can’t be usually viewed for free. This website also recommends you movies and TV series according to your playlist.

Open Culture:

This website provides 6 categories- Movies, Audiobooks, Textbooks. E-books, online courses and language courses; through this website you can watch high-quality videos online.  You can utilize this website to improve your language to a greater extent. You can hear high-quality audio books and read e-books online.

Popcorn Flix:

Screen Media Ventures owns this website. Through this website, you can download Public Domain Movies that contain original content.

Movie Found Online:

Are you a lover of independent movies and short films? Then this is your website destination. This website also consists of the rarest documentaries and talk show too.

Classic Cinema Online:

This website treasures a lot of classic movies and this is especially for the people who love to lose their hearts in the classic movies.


Through subscribing this website you can watch more than 100 movies without the need of downloading them.

Public Domain Torrents:

You can access this website very easily.  It would be more convenient as it provides various formats to download movies. You can watch all kind of Old Hits to latest movies.


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The Top 10 Free Movie Download Websites That Are Completely Legal

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