How To Boost Your Hair Volume Is A Healthy Way?

All of us love to have a long well-nourished hair with a touch of elegance. For both men and women, a well-styled hair is always a pride. When it comes to hair care there are a lot of tips and guidelines. We Power Humans have picked up the best complete guideline to take of your hair. Whatever may be your question? We have an answer for it. Scroll down further you have more exciting tips you can’t resist trying it out.

What are the reasons for hair fall?

Naturally, hair density depends on two factors such as genetics and its reactive characteristics.  Many researchers have concluded that 1 in 3 women have hair fall problem. When it comes to the genetic factor, you naturally have a low density but still, you can boost up your volume gradually following some quality guidelines. Genetics can’t be blamed anymore, now we are helping you out to let your hair flow with elegance.



Hair fall due to stress is no more a myth.  It literally happens. Well, it raises the androgen level in men. Stress also triggers scalp problems such as dandruff, dryness. Psychological changes due to stress like rash eating habits and lack of sleep cause hair fall.

Iron Deficiency


One of the main cause hair falls in ninety percent of people is due to iron deficiency. It is an essential one to produce hair cell protein. Without it, your hair will suffer a lot to fight against fall and split ends.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Deficiency in vitamin B12 would make you feel very tired, low and spiritless, Sounds familiar right! Yes, this may directly reflect your total health status. It causes hair fall also affecting the red blood cells that carry oxygen to our tissues. This deficiency is quite common among the vegetarians.

Dramatic Weight Loss


If you are trying to lose your weight within a short span of time. Take an essential care of your hair. This weight loss directly influences your hair growth and fall.

Improper Diet


Our body is a beautiful machine that runs with the help of nutritious food, water and rich vitamins. In hurry burry lifestyle we forget about the needs of our body and take foods that satisfy our appetite but not our nutritional value.

How To Boost Up Your Hair Volume With The Best Diet

We may tend to question yourself why the hair falls in spite of using so much of quality shampoos, conditioner, serum etc. We must understand the fact that all these steps are external and not internal. For a well-nourished hair, we must nourish our internal self. Our hair is made of components called keratin which is nothing but vitamins. By following a diet rich including vitamins in it, you can really feel miraculous healthy effects.


Fish is the best source of vitamin you can find in food. You can also try fishes like salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that offer a natural oil to your body and scalp. This nourishes your hair from within.

Nuts and seeds


This is the best diet tip for vegetarians? Where would you get Omega 3 fatty acids? Nuts will fulfil the vitamin appetite for you. Almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, Walnuts that are rich in vitamin E and Biotin acts as a sun shield protecting it from the harmful UV rays. This prevents hair loss promoting shiny lustrous hair,

Green veggies


Hate green veggies right? Green leafy vegetables could help you retain your shiny high-density hair. It is at the top of the list in protecting hair. They are rich in iron that prevents breakage and split ends. It is the most simple and the most influential way to boost up your hair volume.


Carrot isn’t a magic medicine only for your eyes it also cares a lot for your hair The beta-carotene has high transformational effects. None of the cells in the human body can act without vitamin A and how can your hair be healthy? By consuming carrot you can protect your scalp from dandruff and dryness. other food with this kind of nutrient is apricot, mango, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and yam.



Eggs are rich in selenium, zinc, sulphur, and iron. These are the must need nutrients for a healthy hair. Lack of any one of these may lead to heavy hair loss. You can also add lean meat, oysters and poultry to replace eggs.




To moisturise your hair naturally drink water. Which prevents hair fall due to heat and nourishes naturally.


What are the hair types and how to nourish it according to the type?



If you have dry hair, it is essential to keep it moisturised and protect and it from heat, dust and heat dryers rollers and other kinds of styling products. To keep your hair nourished use a deep leave – in conditioner once a week. Use specialised moisturised products and shampoo that can moisturise the hair. Also, take care to adjust the thermostat in your styling appliances to avoid breakage of hair.

If your hair is oily or greasy you have to keep your hair protected from oily tissues. The excess oil makes your scalp oily and dirty. To nourish your hair, you must avoid using heavy shampoos or conditioner that could be greasy. You must avoid using shampoo every day.

To nourish your thin or fine hair you can use light shampoos and conditioner and also use the conditioner on the ends and not in the roots. Split ends may make your hair look very thin, you can have a short hairstyle that will make your hair look more volume boosted.

Thick hair needs essential care as it easily accumulates dust and oil. You must rinse your hair properly to get rid of all the accumulated dirt from the scalp.  You may avoid a short haircut as it makes your hair look more volume boosted.

For curly hair, your main problem would be to restore hair shine. You can nourish your hair with a conditioner but avoid products like oil, solutions and mousses. Its advisable to let your hair dry naturally than using a hair drier.

Straight hair, accumulates oil and dust very easily. You can wash your hair with a conditioner every day and avoid greasy nourishers that would make your hair sticky.

Why is serum the best hair care product?





Our main concern about our hair care is hair fall and dryness. Hair serum is the best one you can use to fight your daily hair fall.  It’s a silicone based product that gives you a well-nourished beautiful hair instantly.  It is the best hair cares solution that removes tangles, frizzes and gives your hair softness and shine. This protects your hair from sun’s exposure and other pollutants like dust that affect you every time you step outdoors The only thing you need is to find the serum that suits your hair and maximise the benefits.

This solution’s main job is to protect your hair from daily sun and environmental effects. You can apply according to your hair density 2 to 10 drops. Gently apply is in the scalp in the wet hair that’s towel-dried than a hair drier.  You will surely see the instant effects that will turn your hair shine, soft also a protected coating.

Natural hair conditioners and oils

Avocado And Banana Conditioner

Banana nourishes your hair and prevents frizziness. Avacado helps in conditioning and moisturising your hair. Olive oil makes your hair healthy and honey adds special sheen to your hair. What else do you need more for hair care?

Things you need:





Olive oil


First, take the avocado peel off the skin and use one full avocado. Take a half banana and add two spoons of olive oil, honey and mix them well till it forms a fine paste. Now take an egg and mix it with this solution using a blender until you get a soft mixture.

How To Apply?

First, dry your hair and apply this to the top section of the hair. Make sure that you don’t apply this to the scalp. Work on it down the way and leave the hair nourished with this conditioner for 10 minutes and rinse it for a natural glowing and nourished hair.

Try this out please do share your happy hair experience with us!

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How To Boost Your Hair Volume Is A Healthy Way?

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