If You Have These Characteristics, You Are a Mentally Strong Person

“Experience is a hard teacher it gives the test first and lesson afterwards”. To live a happy life one must be optimistic, capable of taking own decisions and living without the feeling of regret. These characters will help you to build your life with confidence and joy. But there are still more 17 small character traits, that would make you a mentally strong person. This is what Amy Morin – a psychotherapist says-

1. Emotional intelligence:


You must know to balance your emotions and be logical when making a decision. Feel with your heart; think and solve a problem with your mind. If you are successful in this balancing criterion then you are a mentally strong person.

2. Utilising time productively:


Excuses are very easy to say, but tomorrow never comes. Realise the value of present time and do your work on time.

3. Be flexible:


Life isn’t the same every time. Each and every change starts a new phase of your life. So be flexible, don’t resist the change because it is the most natural thing that happens in everyone’s life. Adapt yourself to new circumstances and live it with full enthusiasm.

4. Fears are your motivators:


Everyone will have personal fears. Sometimes your sincerity may be the reason of your fear or maybe your doubt in your abilities.  Don’t try to hide it for the sake of others. Just face it boldly and overcome it. This is what a mentally strong person would do.

5.  Mistakes teach you great lessons:

There is no need to hide your mistakes or justify it. Your mistakes have thought you something new so, be confident enough to learn it. It’s so simple.

6. Discover the real you:

You know your abilities and you are also clear about your motives. Then understand yourself how you are now in this moment and how you want to be in future. Design yourself.

7.  Let other’s success bring you happiness:


It’s a great quality to rejoice the success of others. It will prove your strong mental wellbeing and your compassion towards the people who are around you.

8. Take decisions according to your own principles:

Your own principles and values give meaning to your life. Don’t lose it for the sake anyone or anything. Follow your heart.

9. Appreciate yourself:


When you are going on a right track your heart will congratulate you with contentment. Be curious and improve your own skill and don’t wait for others to recognise you or appreciate you.

10. Be sincere to your conscience:  


Be honest with yourself. Realise your mistakes, promise to yourself, to be a better person. In such a strong mental state your words and actions would never be contradictory.

11. Motivate yourself:


Whether you win or lose it’s not a great deal. Acknowledge yourself and pursue your dreams.

12. Patience and perseverance:

Success can’t be celebrated if it doesn’t take its own time. The time period you take to achieve something will make you realise the importance of your pursuit. In this course of time, you will learn great lessons. No matter how long your goals may be, it will reach you! Your patience and perseverance have such power to transform your sincere fantasy into reality!

13. Boundaries are your opportunities:

Obstacles are the one that checks you whether you are going in a right track or not. Take it positively and go ahead.

14. The feeling of gratitude:

Be thankful with all your heart it’s the most important quality of a mentally strong person. Your gratitude will lead you to the stars.

15. Do what you love:

You can never lead a happy life by doing something you don’t desire for.  Dedicate your time, efforts and resource for work that your heart invites.

16. No complaints please:

A mentally strong person has the power to change any worst scenario into a positive one with his unique perspective.

17. Be an enthusiastic kid:

Be curious your curiosity will lead the way towards your pursuit of success.


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If You Have These Characteristics, You Are a Mentally Strong Person

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