How To Escape From The 9 Deadliest Animals Of The World? Cute Animals

Animals have always won our admiration and the cute animals steal a special attention in our heart. Here we Power Humans have brought you 9 cutest animals of the world that can deadly hurt you and we are letting you know about the way to escape from these beasts. Who said beauty to be a vice? You will agree with this fact at the end of this article.

Leopard seal


Doesn’t this leopard seal look very cute? Do you know the favorite food of them? It’s Penguin! They love to hunt and researchers have agreed with its aggressive behavior. Whenever you decide to swim, watch for a leopard seal. This uses the survival technique of the shark and hence to escape from it you be fast enough to swim swifter than this and get away from its reach in a different direction behind swimming behind its tale.


Do you wonder what this innocent looking panda can do to you? it doesn’t do anything great other than killing you. Beware it’s a dangerous one and humans can barely escape from it. To be on a safer side never dare to enter a panda’s horizon.


Most of the time you would have found swan being associated with love. All its charming beauty is deadly. They can often hurt you very badly if it considers you to be a threat to its offspring. During the nesting season when you are attacked just be swim away from its nestling. It is attacking you as it thinks you as its hunter.



How can an animal without a tooth ever hurt you? Is that your question? Beware it has the deadliest claws that can kill you with a single pounce at you. This animal has a very poor eyesight, the only way to escape it is to avoid its close contact and moving away from it at a comfortable distance.

Tasmanian devil


There isn’t a great difference between the male and this Tasmanian devil. Though this creature is more familiar to us as is resembles our favorite cartoon character it is definitely deadly! This can fly and attack you, you have to wise enough to be away and never throw a symbol of threat.



Though this beast is gigantic we all naturally love this animal and have a special desire for it. Not every time it is very innocent and it is definitely a herculean task to escape from this beast. Be aware of the fact of the increased number of accidents due to it. If you met up with an elephant never face it face to face; if it tries to attack you run sidewards. In case you are in a hilly area try running downwards as it is difficult for this heavy animal to catch you up.  Never dare to climb uphill during an elephant attack. In case you come across an elephant while driving just turn off the lights and wait till it crosses away from you.



Pufferfish is the deadliest fish that can ever hurt you even after its death. It has poisonous substances that can kill you if you consume them.  You may be heard of the special Japanese meal called Fugu. Beware; if it isn’t cooked properly it is a poison!

Poison Dart Frog


These frogs look very cute indeed! Its yellow shining fur has a cute charm, isn’t it! Come to the reality that it can hurt you very badly and it can kill even 10 adults at the same time with it single touch. It usually attacks people with poisonous darts hence to prevent it stay away from its darts and protect you with something that can resist the darts to enter your body.



This is indeed shocking information for you! Yes, this intellectual one can really hurt you with no reason! Bottlenose dolphins are very dangerous and it’s  an intellectual warning for you. Dolphins often attack you by tearing of your skin, the only way of escaping from a sea animal is to swim harder and be on the safer side of the sea where they are not occupied.

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How To Escape From The 9 Deadliest Animals Of The World? Cute Animals

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