13 Famous Photographs That Stole our Heart Which Is Actually Fake


13 famous photographs that stole our heart which is actually fake

Photography is something very fascinating. The lens of the camera captures the world with great nuances of dimension that our eyes are not capable of. But we really can’t rely on all the photographs to be true.

We Power Humans have caught hold of 13 photographs that are crafted with great editing skills. Just have a look at your favorite photographs that are actually fake.

The oldest trick that still excites us:


This photograph is the best example of old editing skills. Actually, two different unrelated images are tactfully merged! The most ironical state of this photograph is- it always consists of the tag” National Geographic Picture”.  

Castle Island or Island castle:


This is one of the craziest pictures that captivated millions of audiences. In reality, to witness such a castle, you have to jump to two different locations. This photo has never failed to steal our hearts but still its fake.

Yummy blue melons:


This photograph commonly pops out in the summer season to quench our thirst. Though it is called by many names moon, blue, Chinese, Japanese it can never be tested because it’s not true.

Einstein too not spared:


You would have come across this image with shock. Now it’s time to know the bitter truth. This photograph can never be true as Einstein died 7 years before the nuclear explosion in Nevada.

Fear exaggerates truth but does it exaggerate the size of the bear too?


This picture may look like an act of survival. People running with haste in order to save their life! just give a second glance to the photograph you’ll find the trick. Throw a keen look at the patch of head and bear’s head you’ll find the truth. Emergencies may happen in wildlife photography but this is …..

King of the forest turned comical:


This photo shows the famous Metro Goldwyn Mayer roaring lion. The true image was released after the outrage of the wildlife protectors. In the true photograph, the lion is actually taking an MRI scan.

A whale that still looks realistic!:


Animal photography is ever fascinating one. Ocean photography is also not an exception. This image of the great white shark isn’t a genuine one though it carries the tag “National Geographic Photo of the Year 2016”

Black fails to be genuinely majestic this time:


True black lion may have existed in reality in ancient days. But this isn’t true. Though this photo has the credit of hundreds of thousands of likes it still can’t get the credit of truth. It looks magnificent but it still it struggles to compete with the royalty of the real lion.

Oh, My God!


This image shocked most of us. Of course, it’s true that a woman in her later pregnancy can feel the bumps on her stomach. But a child’s feet can never be visibly seen as the abdominal wall are so thick to protect the baby. By having a second look at this photo you can find that a baby’s foot can’t be this much big.

Upside down scenario:


The real scenario and the image are also upside down. Actually George W. Bush holds the book correctly and not upside down.

9/11 tragedy:


This photo appeared in the web after few weeks of 9/11. However, this can’t be ever true. At last, the fakeness is proved as the tourist has been caught red handed.

The dark knight:


This photo spread through Twitter. Though this photograph was easily accepted be most us. This picture is a great example of the perfection in editing.

Crazy selfie:


Most of us believed this selfie. All of us adored it as a great click but in reality, it’s actually taken inland and not in the air. The real photo is still looking good without the editing,  it also deserves appreciation.

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