Fears And Phobias : 10 Surprising Things That Are Associated With Fear That You Never Knew

Fear is defined as  “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.”  But what do think it really means? Fears are quite predominant that people fear for mortality, snakes,  losing loved ones, exams, unexpected events etc. Psychologists conclude that we need to be fearful in order to safeguard ourselves during survival. However, it depends on the degree of fear that creates an impact in our lives.

Fear Can Be Smelled


According to recent research, Psychological Science, humans react to each other’s scent and sense the fear of others.It depends more specifically on the type of sweat that is produced.

This is why people hearing to ghost stories might get more frightened than usual.

Irrational Fears Also Affects Us Personally


When it comes to fear, there are irrational fears,  it may due to our insecurity and imagination. These fear can never come true but still, it can haunt us personally.

Rational fears have the chances of coming up true. It cause of it may be due to mortality or death.

Fears Can Be Genetically Inherited


Fears can be passed on to us from our parents and grandparents just like other genetic traits.

Most Fear Is Learned


Like learning subjects, we also learn the habit of fear. Most of the fears are formed as a result of our experiences. Fear is produced reflecting our knowledge, experience that the reason why we all fear for different things.  It’s quite strange that we encounter scary moments that aren’t scary to others.

Opposite Of Love Is Fear


Opposite of love isn’t hate it is fear. Our brain receives Oxytocin a chemical when you are in love. It overrides fear and results in love. Such fear can be a result of a life trauma.

Love can make your more fearless.

Fears Disappears In Sleep


Many kinds of research prove that you can erase your learned fears during your sleep. Sleep offers a unique state that helps one of relieving from the trauma that the fear causes.

You try a short nap when you feel fearful!

There Are Chances Of One Literally Scared To Death


If you can’t find difficult to relax after the initial rush of adrenaline due to shock, it may pour along with the calcium that can cause the tremor that raises the heartbeat.

During extreme phobias, it may cause low blood pressure that would make one unconsiousness, which may ultimately result in death.

This isn’t something common, on can be mentally healthy practising meditation, yoga or other mindful techniques.


Basic Fears Are Connected To One’s Survival

Why do you think that most of the people are afraid of heights or animals? They have linked to survival that humans catch up fears along with their survival. In psychology,  they term this fact as preparedness. It is the human instinct feel that is something negative for the unexpected events.

Fear Can Twist Reality


At the certain point, specific fears can exaggerate reality and lose touch with the real scenario.

For example, a spider may look bigger for one who fears for it and those who are afraid of heights may perceive hights much higher than the normal.


Accepting Your Fear Can Make You Relieve That Phobia


When you are brave enough to accept your fear, it will help you to come out it easily. You must be really brave to accept your fear as this way can get rid of 90% of specific phobias.

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Fears And Phobias : 10 Surprising Things That Are Associated With Fear That You Never Knew

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