11 reasons that Finnish schools are best for your child

10 reasons that Finnish schools are best for your child

“Education is not the learning of facts, it’s teaching of mind to think,” says Albert Einstein.  Imparting quality education to the kids is the primary concern of every parent.  According to the studies, Finland pupils are the best in the world. As Einstein says the students are taught to think and they never feel the education to be a kind of burden with heavy loads of books and long hours of homework.

Here we Power Humans are telling you why you would love to make your child a student of the Finnish schools.

Quality education with free of cost

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Finland government allot 12.2% of country’s total budget for education.  Hence the country is able to provide free quality education along with lunch, school supplies and excursions for free of cost. Students who live 2 Km away from the school can avail the special school bus services.  The government also takes care of the travel expense too.  

Special attention to all the kids


Each and every student is unique and everyone have different abilities. Each kid would look at the same problem with different perspectives. This ability of perception is respected here. As students with different mental abilities and physical abilities study here; children are encouraged to take part in their own interest zone. There are also additional subjects like other native languages.

A student has the freedom to choose her interests. If a student doesn’t find the lesson interesting she/he can opt to read a book or to sew.

Individual lesson plan and grading system

Students in Finland are graded with 10 points.  Until 3rd grade, there are no grades for kids. Students from 3rd grade to 7th only have verbal grade system like “can do better” or “up to perfect”.  After 7th grade, the marks are announced only to the students. They follow this with the principle that the grades are only for motivating the child and not for comparing the child with different abilities to some other child. The child is motivated to learn better by improving the child’s individual lesson plan.

No uniform


The children are allowed to come to school dressed however they want. There are no requirements too. You will be greatly shocked to see the students in pajamas and with socks and no shoes.

A child can listen to the class by sitting on a sofa or a lying on the carpet

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Students come to school only to listen to the class. The student can listen to the class seated on the sofa, armchair or a carpet. If the climate is warm enough the class can also be held outdoors with the natural breeze.

Homework only for 30 minutes

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It’s really amazing to hear that the students won’t do homework for hours. The institution expects the kids to enjoy their childhood.  The home works are also innovative and interesting.  For a history homework, the child is asked to interview his/her grandmother and the write the difference between the modern world and the 50’s life,

Ever imagined a school without exams?


Teachers in Finland say, “One should be prepared either for life or for exams. We choose the first.”  There is only one compulsory test at 16 when the students graduate from secondary school.

Unique lesson plan

The Finnish schools have changed the regular way of studying subjects. They have prepared a new way 6-week section in which the student studies the same subject with the different perspective. For example, migration topic is dealt with the different subject’s perspective. Through geography( where the cane from), history( what happened before the migration), culture( the tradition they followed). This teaching method allows the students to create a question and find the answer for those themselves.

Right break schedules


The students are having a 15-minute break after every 45-minute class. This allows the children to refresh the mind and concentrate well on the next class.

Teachers in Finland are very cool


Teaching is a kind of prestigious profession in Finland. The competition for the faculty at the University of Helsinki is 20 people for one position. The averages monthly salary is     3,500 euros. Through this system, the best teachers are picked and quality education is given to all kids of the country.


The students are taught only the life skills

In swimming lessons, the kids are taught to recognize the drowning person and saving their lives.     In housekeeping, the kids are taught to sew, knit and cook. The students are brought up as nature loving personalities. The motto of the school is to teach the students to make a living in the ever-changing world. This motto makes the students very versatile and talented. They never ask the students to by heart anything as the internet is available 24/7 to know about the facts.

Children choose their own food


The menu is displayed one month in advance on the school website. The children can happily choose their own menu and add it in the “put into their cart”. All diets are included but mostly the food is vegetarian.

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11 reasons that Finnish schools are best for your child

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