Why Do I Hate Myself? 7 Signs Of Low Self Esteem And How To Overcome It

Life is beautiful. To live the life to its fullest you must love yourself. Do you have a mindset that only a few people have a golden touch and you are not one among them? Then at the end of this article, you are going to realize your own golden touch and decipher your own invisible charms.

Other’s Success is like a glass house. It may look very posh and luxurious but every successful man too is facing his own consequences. The only difference is they are happy with what they do and they don’t consider time periods to be their limitations.

Your self-esteem is your crown:

Every living thing in this world wants to feel loved and understood. You deserve that too. Stop observing others keenly and judging their perspectives upon you; when you pay so much attention for others mannerisms, choice of words and the way they treat. You unconsciously forget how you react to them and what your mannerism really project you.

First, realize that you are the making yourself look ordinary. Have pride in your abilities there is nothing wrong in it. Your skill is making your life comfortable. Ask about yourself to a trustworthy person. Be mentally prepared to accept your flaws to make yourself a better person.

No one in this world is alike:

No one in this world can play your part as beautiful as you. You have your own charm, personality, and versatility. So, don’t compare yourself with others. Don’t compare the first chapter of your life with the 20th chapter of others.  The comparison can be a healthy way when you just evaluate yourself with others without any emotional involvement. Instead of comparing with others find true answers for ”where am I now? And why should I compare myself with others?”

There is no one in this world planning intentionally to bully you:

Don’t defend your own motives and others. Try to understand people. All your friends and your co-workers don’t want you to feel hurtful. So, they are just advising you with the love they have for you. Don’t take it as a negative note, hurt yourself and create an uncomfortable situation.

You need not accept anything and everything:

Everyday conversations are filled with white lies. You need not pretend as if everything is okay and you are so cool. You can always give your comments and expressions. Let out your own views so that others can really understand you.

If you have a different choice of opinion there is nothing wrong about to say it. Just say it in the polite mode of communication. Begin by saying” I think” and end it with the suggestion “but maybe—will”. You can voice out your thoughts and when you say it in this way they would really consider it as a suggestion. There is nothing uncomfortable in it.

No need of too many sorry:

Saying sorry is a genuine quality. When you accept your flaws others can understand you better and you would get a feeling of contentment. But, you need not feel sorry for things that are not in your control or for mistakes that you didn’t commit. Don’t regret things that don’t deserve your kindness.

Accept your appreciation:


Love yourself and do everything you do with happiness. When people appreciate it accept it. They are complementing one of the best sides of you. There is no need for any analysis. Immediately say “thank you” instead. Your appreciation belongs to you and it’s for the part you played and there is no room for others. Accept your own knowledge.

There is no use of mourning over your failures and regretting yourself to be incapable of creating your dreams. Have confidence in you; when you have the ability to make a productive one with some flaws you also have the ability to rebuild the same thing without any flaws.

Never make others feel down:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” says Maya Angelou. Give others memories they can cherish by recollecting. By this way, you can feel happier and it gives satisfaction to you too”.

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Why Do I Hate Myself? 7 Signs Of Low Self Esteem And How To Overcome It

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