Virat Speaks About His Special Moments With Anushka


Virat emotionally opens up about Anushka  Sharma as his lucky charm in an interview with Star Sports.  His face blushes up and there is a sudden cut smile in our captain’s face as he thinks about Anushka. He recalls his captainship moment for the test match and how lucky he felt sharing it with his love lady “the test series were going on and I was in Mohali. Anushka was with me then, he came there to see me. Surprisingly she was with me when I became the captain in the Test series in Melbourne.  That was indeed a special moment we shared together”.
“From the moment I joined the Mohali game and, I was emotional. This moment was filled with tears as I never thought that I would see this day”. Virat feels more emotional in cherishing his victory with his love lady. “it was more beautiful that I was able to share it with Anushka. It is something that I will remember forever.”
Add this to your mind that these lovebirds have been reunited after break up and now have commenced their love tour again. They have been recently spotted on two occasions. They have to attend Zaheer Khan’s wedding together and have also coupled up together and had danced in India’s world cup- winning hero Yuvraj Singh.

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