Virat Vijay – The Cute Little Genius whose astonishing memory power and observation is unbelievable

Childhood is the phase of time where magic and miracles are natural. Here we Power Humans have brought you a kid Virat Vijay with exceptional retention memory and extraordinary observation. How many Indian States capitals can you recall?  How many scientists can you remember? Of course, we know who discovered electricity and what about the steam engine, bulb? This cute little kid with a quicksilver mind can tell all the capitals of the all Indian states, more than 100 world capitals, Union territories, about scientists, Planets etc. With his passion and love for learning, he also has a great observation power.

7 Astonishing facts about Virat

He can identify the flags of all countries.
Knows the names of all prime ministers and presidents of India
Knows a lot more about the freedom fighters, saints, and slogans.
Identifies the  Indian states on the map, knows about continents, and ocean.
Wonders of the world, planets, and rivers is his favorite topic.
Speaks 3 language English, Tamil, and Hindi being just 2.9 years old.
Loves the car and can find the brand and model of the car within seconds.

At the age where kids spend time watching cartoons, Virat is interested in observing the world he lives. He chooses to play with coins, toy cars and spend time creatively drawing things that he adores. He is always curious about life and always enquire why, who how. Being just 32 months old he recites Ram Charita slogans, Hanuman charity and also recites the Sanskrit play Shakuntala at this tender age! Its the time period where we just couldn’t talk very fluently.   It’s quite astonishing to find the fact that knows a lot more about CEO and Founder of Facebook, Microsoft, Google, ICICI, Paytm, Pepsi co, Patanjali, Birla, in a fraction of a second. He can also tell tales from mythology.


His curiosity towards the things around him attracted a special attention towards him. This made his parents realize his great potential in observing and taking up things.  At just seven months he was able to identify fruits and vegetables. This child is definitely a genius who knows loves exploring the world with his own perspective of cuteness.


Isn’t it miraculous? Now it’s our time to encourage this cute little kid to go ahead with his intellectual sense. His IQ and sensitivity towards the society are great! This kid stands as a promising icon of the future India that can make us all proud. Now it’s our responsibility to encourage this child!  Hurray!

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Virat Vijay – The Cute Little Genius whose astonishing memory power and observation is unbelievable

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