Warning: Don’t Share These Things Even With The Dearest

Sharing has always been projected as a kind behavior. We commonly know that sharing a comb or a toothbrush is unhygienic. However, there are certain personal belongings that we occasionally share without its cost of sanitation. Here we Power Humans are bringing out 8 personal things you mustn’t share at any cost with anyone.

Lip Gloss And Lipstick


Has your friend forgotten to bring her lipstick? As a natural instinct, we share our lipstick, what’s wrong with it? Actually, you mustn’t do it. Diseases like herpes transmit through lipstick and lip gloss. Even though your friend doesn’t have any such rashes, it can still transmit through saliva and mouth’s mucous membrane.

To avoid dirt and bacteria in the lipstick, wipe the top layer of the lipstick periodically.



Each and every person has their own unique bacterial flora in the ear wax. Sharing your earphone with your friend can totally disrupt this balance. It can even result in the ear infection.

An earphone is also a personal belonging and to clean it up you can use a stick dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Apply adequate liquid so that it doesn’t damage the speakers.

You can clean the pads by dipping it in the alcohol solution. If you are a frequent user, try to cleanse it up at least once a week.

Hair Clips And Curlers


We are aware that sharing combs are unhygienic but sharing hair clips and curlers to fall under the same category. Through these hair accessories, fungi and lice can be easily spread.

To keep the curlers and hair clips clean, you can rinse them with soapy water. Make sure that you wipe them dry after the wash.



Though deodorant is an antibacterial agent, the top layer of it can have bacteria as it comes into contact with our skin. It’s actually the smell of the bacteria we are trying to resist using the deodorant.

For the best results, you must use deodorants immediately after the shower while your skin is clean. if you feel like refreshing your armpits during the day, you can use a moist tissue to wipe them out.



We use towels to dry ourselves from the moisture of the shower. After the shower, it’s not advisable to leave the damp towel in the bathroom. Because of humidity, your towel becomes the storehouse of mold, bacteria, and fungi.

You can change your towel every 3 days. Make sure to put the towel on the balcony to dry it. Also, iron your towel after every wash.

Cosmetic Accessories


Tweezers, razors, nail cutters are personal accessories. These items have invisible microscopic droplets of blood in its layer. There are chances of transmission of herpes and fungal infection through these things.

You can use alcohol to wipe these surfaces clean. Massage rollers, cleaning brushes and sponges must also be kept clean to avoid acne and flaky facial skin. It’s advisable to change certain accessories after 3 months.

Indoor shoes


We naturally lend our indoor shoes to our guests; it isn’t a healthy habit. Better you can buy a pair of shoes for such occasions.  As our foot inevitably sweats, it also becomes the storehouse of Fungi.  Don’t wear shoes with damp feet to avoid Fungi.

Do you know the validity period of slippers? It’s only for 6 months. Even if it’s your favorite slipper you have to part with it. You can wash your indoor shoes occasionally; it can also be treated with vinegar as disinfectants.

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Warning: Don’t Share These Things Even With The Dearest

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