Who Invented Email? 14 year old Indian boy invented email, so sad no one knows it

Email is one of the most important features of the internet. This is the pioneer of the social media that has been helpful to us for a long time back?  Why is this invention very important? who invented it?Can you guess why we Power Humans have brought you this? It’s because of the person who invented it! Can you believe this to be an Indian discovery?

who invented emailYes, Shiva Ayyadurai, an American resident who migrated to India at the age of 7 invented email at the age 14 in 1978. Many of us don’t know the fact that he the brain behind the software we commonly use in our everyday life. In 1978 there wasn’t anything called copyrights patents. He registered his copyrights two years after when the US government amended the law in 1980.

14 year old Indian boy invented email, so sad no one knows itTo find out the circumstances that led to the discovery lets go back and have a look at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey  (UMDNJ)which gave him a path to lead his dreams. He worked on a project for experience though there were no great funds for the project.  He completed the project with the goodwill of his parents and teachers.

At the same time, he was pursuing a special program in computer science at New York University. After completion, his family friend introduced him to Dr. Lesie which changed his life forever. Dr. Lesie being Director of the Laboratory of Computer Network gave him an opportunity to change the task of converting paper-based mails into an electronic one. This recognition of talent by Dr. Lesie made him a research scholar that designed rest of his life.

With his high spirits, he got special permission from the school in order to visit UMDNJ.  Over there he carefully studied the inter-office communication system of the university in order to convert the emails. He used the FORTRAN Programming language to replicate the handwritten letters. As FORTRAN required an all-caps name with 5 characters he named the program EMAIL. This simple system totally replaced the complex network systems.  This indeed became a great invention that replaced the typewriter into a keyboard and was very helpful for the secretaries for faster communication.  In 1981, Shiva bagged his Westing House Science Talent Search Honours Award which is considered to be Baby Nobles for the invention.

At least now, let us recognize the pains and hardship of a 14-year-old boy who has really made our life more faster and comfortable. Let us thank Shiva and feel proud of the Indian discovery which made a great leap in communication in this technology era.


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Who Invented Email? 14 year old Indian boy invented email, so sad no one knows it

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